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Mintegral announces SDK Support for Amazon Fire Tablet Apps


Mintegral, a Mobvista subsidiary, has recently been recognized as a supported advertising SDK for Amazon Fire tablet apps. This integration is targeted towards amplifying opportunities for developers by offering advanced tools for user acquisition and app monetization.
Integrating Mintegral’s SDK allows developers to access a range of ad resources including various ad formats, from banner ads to rewarded videos and native ads. This ensures an enhanced user experience while also optimizing ad revenue for developers. With Mintegral’s flexible bidding options like CPI, CPM, and oCPI (Optimized CPI), developers can efficiently reach their desired audience and significantly expand their user base.

Benefits for Developers

Reach and Ad Opportunities: By partnering with Mintegral, developers have the opportunity to expand their user base across Fire tablet apps and access premium traffic from the Amazon Appstore, available across countries and regions such as the US, UK, Europe, Japan, and more, presenting a broad inventory complementing the app marketplace.

Premium User Base: The Amazon Appstore attracts users from top-tier markets, including the USA, Europe, and Japan. These users, renowned for their strong in-app purchase capabilities and high retention rates, mark the Amazon Appstore as a standout marketplace.

Simplified App Integration: Built on the Android-based Fire OS, the Amazon Appstore offers straightforward integration for Android developers, eliminating the need for complex adaptations.

“We are delighted to witness a significant increase in eCPM and users since partnering with Mintegral on Amazon apps. Our collaborative exploration of the Amazon Appstore market has proven fruitful, enabling us to capitalize on the opportunity for incremental revenue growth,” said Alena Herasimchyk, Lead UA Manager at Saygames.

“Integrating the Mintegral SDK to monetize our Amazon Appstore apps has significantly enhanced our ad revenue. With Mintegral’s competitive in-app bidding win rate and eCPM performance, we have achieved an impressive ad revenue increase of 15% to 20%, a very welcomed development for our team. In this rapidly growing and thriving Android market, we firmly believe that our partnership with Mintegral will lead to continuous incremental growth in users and monetization revenue,” said Dragon Long, the Global Operations Lead of Cute Fun Games.

“The Amazon Appstore represents a vital opportunity for developers aiming for global expansion,” said Erick Fang, CPO of Mobvista. “With an approved advertising SDK, Mintegral empowers developers to grow globally and bolsters Mobvista’s worldwide traffic. Ultimately, having Mintegral in the Amazon Appstore will strengthen our comprehensive solutions for developers worldwide.”

Developers and advertisers eager to leverage this new opportunity can find the setup instructions for Mintegral’s Self-service Advertising Platform and Developer Monetization Platform at

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