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momencio offers holistic features amidst industry consolidation


In an industry experiencing rapid consolidation, as seen with Cvent’s recent acquisition of iCapture, momencio emerges as a trailblazer, offering innovative and comprehensive solutions in event marketing technology.

momencio redefines the event lead capture industry, with its recent release of a revolutionary Universal Lead Capture and enrichment technology powered by AI. Unlike traditional platforms, momencio offers a universal solution that operates seamlessly captures a lead and at any setting, breaking free from the constraints and costs of the “official” event lead capture tools.

This state-of-the-art solution ensures that momencio’s clients enjoy automated data entry, enhanced data quality, and enrichment, leading to more effective event marketing strategies and improved ROI.

At momencio, we’re dedicated to pioneering solutions that meet the dynamic requirements of today’s sales and marketing effort,” stated Manos Sifakis, CEO of momencio. “We’ve crafted a platform that seamlessly connects event engagement with the sales process, equipping marketers and sales teams with an integrated arsenal of tools tailored to enhance performance and drive results.”

momencio is the world’s most comprehensive event platform designed to streamline lead capture and management, enhance engagement, and improve follow-up with event leads.

Key features that set momencio apart include:

  • Lead Capture: momencio provides tools for efficiently capturing event leads through badge, business card scanning, or even plain name tag scanning.
  • Lead Retrieval: momencio offers lead retrieval capabilities, allowing users to easily access and manage the information of the leads collected during events.
  • Digital assets player: momencio facilitates and augments lead engagement, with the ability to leverage digital collateral on the spot.
  • Gamification for enhanced engagement: Interactive and gamified experiences within momencio increase lead engagement, deepen the connection with your brand, and at the same time make it more memorable.
  • Real-time event interaction tracking: momencio provides instantaneous insights into attendee behaviors and interactions at events, enabling immediate strategic adjustments and fostering more targeted, effective engagements.
  • Automated Follow-Up: By automating and personalizing follow-ups that are generated seconds after lead creation, momencio starts nurturing your leads and driving conversions, streamlining the post-event engagement process.
  • Insights connecting events with sales: momencio provides detailed analytics that link event activities directly to sales outcomes, enabling users to measure event ROI in real-time and make data-driven decisions.
  • Customer journey attribution: This feature offers advanced visitor tracking capabilities, allowing businesses to identify and engage with prospects more effectively based on their digital interactions.
  • 360° insights and real-time analytics: Offering a comprehensive view of lead engagement, momencio aids in making informed decisions for successful follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

As larger entities consolidate their hold through acquisitions, momencio is charting a different course with an emphasis on product-led innovation and reshaping the event marketing landscape,” remarked Manos Sifakis, CEO. “We’re dedicated to delivering solutions beyond lead capture to catalyze those leads into tangible avenues of business growth.”

In this dynamic environment, where adaptation is key, momencio stands as a beacon of innovation—steadfast in delivering not just technology but transformative solutions that redefine what’s possible in event marketing. Our commitment is unwavering: to equip our clients with the most forward-thinking tools and insights that convert interactions into enduring business relationships and measurable growth. As the fabric of the event industry is woven with new patterns of consolidation and competition, momencio ensures that your marketing efforts are ahead of the curve, fostering success in today’s landscape and beyond.

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