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Momentum Worldwide secures Experiential AI Patents

The technology is already helping brands like Coca-Cola and Walmart with greater ROI by creating more intelligent and personalized experiences

Interpublic Group’s (NYSE: IPG) global experience agency Momentum Worldwide has secured three AI patents for the machine learning of experiences, making Momentum the first agency to do so in the experiential space.

Building on its legacy of delivering best-in-class creative experiences, Momentum has now redefined the experiential category by infusing AI and machine learning into the management and activation of its experiences.

Through the application of its AI patents (MLIUI), Momentum leverages their proprietary AI & Quantum system to create intelligent experiences that are responsive and measurable across the entire experience ecosystem—experiences from stadium to shelf—as part of its Total Brand Experience offering.

Using this capability, brand leaders and CMOs can make more targeted decisions on how they allocate spend, resources and where to focus activity from the insights provided.

Momentum Worldwide’s machine learning system has started to be used by global brands with great impact. Jason Alan Snyder, Global Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Worldwide, comments: “The patented system has allowed Coca-Cola to personalize their campaign experience at scale, driving sales and loyalty to the brand. For Walmart, the Intelligent Experience tool has helped strengthen their understanding of customers and their preferences.

“Creating intelligent experiences will help global brands and, in turn, consumers. The technology is designed to think and reason more like a human analyst. It doesn’t just churn out data; it connects, interprets, and supplies meaningful answers and insights that are focused on moving the consumer through the brand experience ecosystem based on the data. It will revolutionize marketing.”

Elena Klau, Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Momentum Worldwide, added: “Having these capabilities means brands can finally connect the dots across experiences for the first time. We are at an important inflection point where the technology and data investments we made years ago to secure these patents are finally being actualized for clients.”

Patricia Hinerman, Chief Information Officer, Interpublic Group, commented: “The AI steering committee at IPG continues to help our partners and our clients understand what’s possible in leveraging AI across the entire marketing ecosystem. You can see with this news that Momentum is leading the industry in leveraging AI to create experiences powered by marketing intelligence, which accelerates growth for brands.”

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