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Movable Ink announces New Salesforce Integrations

Movable Ink customers can now benefit from integrations across Salesforce Marketing, Commerce, and Data Clouds—Making it Easier Than Ever for Brands to Generate Real-Time Personalization at Scale

Movable Ink, the leading AI-powered content personalization platform, today announced its new integrations with Salesforce Marketing, Data, and Commerce Clouds. Built exclusively for these Salesforce Clouds, the integrations enable joint Salesforce and Movable Ink customers to automatically generate and predict personalized content, creating one-to-one customer experiences and eliminating tedious marketing work.

Movable Ink is currently available on AppExchange here.

Movable Ink Studio allows marketers to effortlessly activate any Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, or Commerce Cloud data to generate dynamic, real-time content. With Movable Ink Da Vinci, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration enables marketers to create and distribute highly tailored emails for each customer by leveraging Movable Ink’s advanced AI models.

Comments on the News

  • “Our partnership with Salesforce sets a new standard for generative and predictive AI-driven personalization. Together, our joint solutions address key areas of opportunity in generating personalized content in real-time for every customer,” said Bryan Wade, Chief Product Officer at Movable Ink. “This latest integration uses Predictive AI to ensure that every piece of content not only resonates but also dynamically adapts to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s consumers.”

  • “This collaboration strengthens the Salesforce ecosystem by integrating our comprehensive Data Cloud capabilities with Movable Ink’s advanced personalization tools including individualized content. It offers a seamless, integrated solution for delivering personalized customer experiences at scale,” said Steve Hammond, EVP and GM Marketing Cloud at Salesforce.

The all-in-one integration allows brands to:

  • Automatically Activate Salesforce Data into Personalized Content: Clients can now seamlessly access and activate Salesforce Marketing, Commerce, or Data Cloud data in real-time when designing unique composite images (via Studio) and when curating creative for each individual’s unique customer journey (via Da Vinci).
  • Maximize the Potential of Salesforce Investments: Combine Salesforce’s powerful customer data capabilities and email and mobile delivery with Movable Ink’s scalable 1:1 personalization to deliver customized content at every touchpoint – without needing to rip and replace existing tech investments.
  • Eliminate Monotonous Campaign and Creative Work: Leverage the Movable Ink and Salesforce integrations to eliminate the manual work associated with maintaining the campaign calendar, creating customized content variations, and curating personalized creative for different customers.

This news follows recent launches, including Universal Data Activation capabilities, allowing brands to fully harness their marketing stack by leveraging data from any source to dynamically personalize content for every customer across any touchpoint.

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