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Nativo launches New Social Amplification Suite


Nativo, the storytelling platform where brands ignite the power of connection through content and insights, today unveiled its new Social Amplification Suite. This new suite allows for existing social media assets and website URLs to be easily transformed into content-based ad formats, across various ad types such as Nativo’s Native Stories, Native Video and Native Display formats.

The Social Amplification Suite—created to reduce production time, approvals, and campaign delays—allows you to easily extend the reach of your social assets to the open web by taking the URL of the assets and automatically importing them, making them immediately available to distribute on the web as native ads.

“Brands need to be increasingly agile with their messaging, which means being able to react to market and audience needs quickly and launch campaigns more efficiently,” said Eugene Cherny, SVP of Product at Nativo. “Nativo’s Social Amplification Suite enables marketers a more seamless asset-to-campaign experience, including optimization. The ability to look at creative in different formats and test to see which best achieves the campaign goals is now at a brand’s fingertips.”

This suite was built for brands to launch their existing brand safe social media assets and website URLs in a turnkey manner so that they can start distributing content across the open web quickly. The new tools can import basic image-based posts, video, and even stories. Further, you can even import website content from the open web, giving brands’ content marketing assets a boost with scaled distribution. Once in the platform, you can use creative testing to enhance the performance of your assets by adding more images and text variations.

“Using social assets in content-based ad formats inspires engagement and emotion with an immersive and highly visual experience that brings social media outside of a brand’s walled gardens to a broader audience,” Cherny stated. “With this new suite creating native content ads has never been easier.”

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