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Neat announced powerful new capabilities for Neat Pulse

Neat Pulse APIs & app hub beta mark first major upgrade to management platform

Neat (, the pioneering video device company, announced powerful new capabilities for Neat Pulse, its management and premium support offering that extends the functionality and value of all Neat devices. Neat is introducing Neat Pulse APIs to provide customers with enhanced management and data insights across meeting spaces simply and cost-effectively. Additionally, Neat is opening beta access to Neat’s app hub, which makes third-party apps available on Neat devices, providing greater flexibility for customers.

New Neat Pulse APIs

Neat Pulse APIs empower integrators and customers to develop innovative solutions that provide deeper insights and tighter management of their meeting spaces. By expanding the ecosystem of solutions that integrate with Neat devices, businesses can enjoy reduced complexity while gaining a single-pane-of-glass view of their technology deployments. These APIs can also leverage Neat Sense, the room sensor technology built into Neat devices that provides environmental and room data such as people count, temperature, humidity and air quality, to gain detailed real-time and historic insights to more effectively manage meeting spaces.

Neat is working with several partners leveraging Neat Pulse APIs to develop new capabilities. Two of these partners, Neowit and Utelogy, are in beta tests with customers to deliver custom device management, unique monitoring capabilities and valuable data insights. Neat expects these to be the first of many integrations of this kind.

Enhanced Deployment Management Capabilities

Neat will release several other capabilities to make managing device deployments in Neat Pulse even simpler and more flexible. Neat Pulse will feature a new management tool enabling administrators to specify how and when Neat devices are upgraded to suit their individual business requirements. Neat Pulse will also enable SAML SSO for secure login, device data export and bulk enrollment, streamlining deployment to save IT managers time and hassle.

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