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New Survey reveals Engineer Preferences in Marketing Interactions


TREW Marketing and Elektor have joined forces to provide never-before-seen insights about marketing to engineers and particularly technical buyers in Europe. The report, “Decoding Engineer Preferences,” provides a new, comprehensive analysis of engineer preferences and technical buying behavior. It will be supported with an exclusive webinar on November 9, 2023 (16:00 CET).

The report offers need-to-know information for anyone marketing to engineers. Readers will benefit from unique and practical insights about how engineers interact with things like paid search ads, their preferred sources of information, and the types of content they find most valuable for work-related purchases. This cooperation between TREW Marketing, the US-based leading experts in engineer engagement, and Elektor, Europe’s leading engineering community, truly offers the best of both worlds — highly useful research from a relevant and representative group of more than 1,200 technical buyers in Europe.

The November 9 webinar will be hosted by Erik Jansen, Managing Director of Elektor, and Wendy Covey, CEO of TREW Marketing. Together, they will present the highlights of this European-focused survey, and Wendy Covey will also offer some insightful comparisons to the State of Marketing to Engineers research released earlier this year. In one hour, Covey and Jansen will share results, highlight both similarities and differences, and provide attendees with a holistic view of engineer preferences when marketed to.

Some first highlights from the survey include:

  • 58% of engineers avoid paid search links when searching online, but 29% will click if the paid link appears helpful.
  • Technical publications (online) and supplier/vendor websites are the primary sources engineers turn to when researching products.
  • Datasheets (86%) are overwhelmingly named as the most valuable content in decision-making, before Technical Articles (60%) and Product Reviews/Testimonials (50%).
  • On a scale from 1 (no trust) to 10 (complete trust), engineers rate their trust in AI-based tools at 4.14.).

The webinar will also feature an interactive Q&A session where attendees can engage with the experts and dive deeper into the survey findings.

“We’re thrilled to use our unique market position to share these insights with our community and clients,” said Jansen. “Collaborating with the experienced team at TREW Marketing has not only added immense value to the report but has also been a rewarding experience for the Elektor team.”

“Understanding engineer preferences is pivotal for businesses looking to tailor their marketing strategies effectively,” Covey added. “This collaboration allows us to offer a global perspective on engineer behavior, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and strengthen their marketing efforts.”

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