Nosto launches new Klaviyo integration

Nosto's Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) today announced a new integration with Klaviyo, the platform that powers smarter digital relationships. This new integration will unify marketing and ecommerce data, tools, and workflows to help brands seamlessly deliver hyper-personalized, cross-channel commerce experiences at scale.

Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), announced a new integration with Klaviyo, empowering retailers to build highly personalized shopping journeys that maximize marketing KPIs and boost ecommerce revenue.

This new integration simplifies coordination between marketing and ecommerce teams by connecting their tools, data, and workflows, empowering smarter shopping experiences across onsite, email, and SMS. This means more personalized and cohesive experiences, improving customer journeys and fueling long-term relationships and revenue growth.

“This new integration brings intelligent commerce experiences to life. Customer-centric brands now have an enterprise-grade solution to foster holistic, personalized, and smart digital relationships for sustained growth and profitability,” says Frank Zimmermann, Global Head of Partnerships, Nosto.

By integrating the two technologies, brands can import Klaviyo’s segments and email lists into Nosto and provide a hyper-personalized onsite experience for marketing traffic. For instance, they can resurface email or SMS content, such as VIP promotions, through the likes of onsite banners, top headers, and more, reducing exits and boosting conversions. Additionally, they can have category pages, search results, and product recommendations highlight relevant items within a given marketing campaign, improving the product discovery experience.

In addition, brands can create highly relevant email and SMS campaigns with personalized content, considering shoppers’ behaviors and affinities, such as color and size preferences, using Nosto’s segment details within Klaviyo, driving click-throughs.

“The two-way integration not only allows us to gain even more insight into our Klaviyo segments by enriching them with Nosto’s behavioral data, but it also enhances the customer experience by tying up the customer journey more cohesively. By targeting key Klaviyo segments with hyper-relevant product recommendations on site, we can significantly increase performances and customer satisfaction” Lee-Anne Harris, Marketing Director, Savile Row—a joint client leveraging this new integration.

Customers who use both Nosto and Klaviyo can also re-engage potential buyers by sending timely Klaviyo emails and SMS messages triggered by abandoned search events captured by Nosto (regardless of the search provider used), ensuring that no potential sale goes unmissed.

“The new Klaviyo integration allows us to track previously untapped user activities, such as abandoned onsite searches, further strengthening our range of website abandonment flows to ultimately get users back to site and convert,” says Nathan Pugsley, Head of Digital, BOXRAW—a joint client leveraging this new integration.

“The updated Nosto integration opens up exciting possibilities for our mutual customers, allowing them to create hyper-personalized experiences at scale, said Anne Prins, VP of Platform Expansion at Klaviyo. “Being able to connect with users consistently across all channels aligns perfectly with our aim to build smarter digital relationships.”

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