Omnicom Media Group launched an SSP Standardization Initiative

OMG's Council on Accountability and Standards (CASA) Continues to Turn Up the Heat on Transparency and Safety During Advertising Week

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) has launched an SSP Standardization Initiative to drive practices and capabilities that will increase advertiser ROI and brand safety for SSP investment by enabling buyers to curate premium inventory at scale.

The standards were developed by OMG’s Council on Accountability and Standards in Advertising (CASA) –  a collaboration of OMG agencies, clients and media partners committed to enhancing quality control and transparency for advertisers across CTV, retail, social and SSP channels –  and are organized around four core advertiser rights and partner capability pillars.

“Revelations about the prevalence of Made for Advertising (MFA) sites siphoning spend from legitimate publishers left advertisers questioning if their supply is working as hard as it should,” says OMG Managing Director for Digital Activation Ryan Eusanio. “Understanding that the biggest gains in value – and best alignment with brand values –  can be achieved from better supply curation, CASA has been engaging with six of the major SSPs to establish the capabilities needed to enable buyers to curate premium inventory at scale.”

Just four months after the SSP Standardization Initiative was launched, all six partners are enabled on at least half of the CASA-recommended capabilities, with multiple platforms approaching 90 percent enablement.

“CASA provides a clear framework for what is important to Omnicom to deliver higher value for their advertisers. Our tools fit well with CASA by providing them the ability to curate inventory and to layer audience data on the sell side at a very granular level,” says Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer at Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform. “Coalescing around CASA drives greater collaboration between the buy and sell side, bringing more clarity and confidence in the process. By working closely with OMG’s CASA, Magnite is creating more transparent supply paths that advertisers can transact through while benefiting from our preferred supply relationships and advanced features.”

“The work coming out of  OMG’s CASA SSP initiative has positive implications way beyond the US market, with buyers all over the world able to leverage the enhanced reporting capabilities that OMG are establishing with leading SSPs,” says Mike Zaneis, President and CEO of Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the leading global initiative fighting to stop criminal activity and increase trust and transparency in digital advertising. “We see this initiative as very complimentary to the work we are carrying out at Tag Trustnet.”

Today’s announcement is the second in a series of Advertising Week reports from OMG revealing the advances in advertiser control and seller transparency that the CASA initiative is enabling across social, SSP, retail and CTV channels.

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