One-Click 3D Cloud Product Renders update simplifies E-commerce Visuals

With new self-service tools based on feedback from retailers and manufacturers, anyone can quickly master high-quality, high-volume product page asset creation.

Marks a leap forward in visual content creation for the home furnishings industry. 3D Cloud by Marxent, the leader in 3D product visualization and 3D digital asset management for DIY and furniture, announced an innovation that is revolutionizing how furniture retailers and manufacturers create product visuals.

“The feedback we heard from furniture retailers and manufacturers was that they wanted alternatives to CGI for product imagery. Traditional product photography and professional-grade renders are complex, expensive, and time-consuming,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud by Marxent, “This new solution offers a method of producing exceptional product visuals efficiently and at scale without having to hire or outsource,” Besecker said.

Ordering CGI product renders typically includes several steps:

  1. Hire an agency or studio and send them reference materials.
  2. A human uses specialized software to create renders.
  3. QA, revisions, multiple iterations, and a lot of time.
  4. Pay by the image or by the hour.

Unlike traditional CGI product renders, 3D Cloud Product Renders are fast and easy to create. Select a model, choose a preset, and create a render instantly. There is no seat license and subscriptions include a set amount of renders. An intuitive user interface and custom presets make it easy to create instant, professional-quality visual assets for product pages, social media, or print effortlessly and at scale. There is no need for an agency, specialized software, or 3D expertise — anyone can learn to render models from 3D Cloud with less than 30 minutes of training.

Key Features of the 3D Cloud Product Renders update Include:

  1. Intuitive User Interface: User-friendly, one-click interface.
  2. Powerful Presets: Achieve a consistent look without extensive training.
  3. Effortless Scalability:  Generate visuals for all possible configurations.
  4. Efficient Production:  Streamlined processes and faster results for cost savings.
  5. Role Management:  Assign visual creation roles for creating and editing presets.
  6. Realism Advancements: Lighting and shader updates for velvet and more.

“This is the future of visual content creation for furniture retailers and manufacturers marketing products online,” Besecker said. “Our goal is to give small teams everything they need to create beautiful renders efficiently. Now anyone can become a master visual creator in just 30 minutes,” Besecker said.

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