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Ooma Office wins PCMag 2024 Business Choice Award for VoIP Service

Ooma Office

Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, today announced the company’s Ooma Office phone service has won PCMag’s prestigious Business Choice Awards for Overall VoIP Service as well as for IT-Managed Voice Service.

The award ( is based on the magazine’s annual Business Choice survey of its readers, with Ooma emerging as the top provider of VoIP phone service among 17 finalists including Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Nextiva, Vonage and Zoom.

“Ooma once again dominates our survey and outscores its competitors in practically every category,” PCMag said in its story about the award. “The IT administrators who deploy and manage the service for their companies also rate it well above the competition in almost every qualitative measure we poll for.”

Ooma’s overall satisfaction score of 8.6 out of 10 is a half-point ahead of the second-place finisher and 1.2 points above the average for all 17 VoIP providers in the survey.

“Among all those companies competing, Silicon Valley-based Ooma reigns supreme as our top-rated VoIP provider,” the PCMag story continues. “It’s the top scorer, or tied for the top, in 14 out of 15 metrics we query readers about—and even when it comes in second, it’s not far behind.”

Those metrics, in addition to Overall Satisfaction, include Installation, Cost, Reliability, Ease of Use, Tech Support, Call Quality, CRM Integration and Likelihood to Recommend.

This year, for the first time, PCMag expanded its survey with questions specifically aimed at information technology managers.

“There’s a whole layer to VoIP services that general users don’t have to consider: How well does that office VoIP work for the IT managers who have to deploy and maintain it?,” PCMag said in its story. “For the IT staff who took the Business Choice VoIP survey, the answers are very familiar. Ooma again dominates the standings with a plethora of high scores, in particular for cost, ease of use, call quality, security, and email integration with the platform. It’s the service IT managers prefer by a wide margin.”

“We built Ooma Office from the ground up for small businesses, yet with powerful features that support businesses as they grow larger,” said Jim Gustke, senior vice president of marketing at Ooma. “We’re honored that PCMag’s readers, from small business owners to professional IT managers, regard Ooma as rising above the usual split between phone services that are either under-featured for small businesses or overly complex for larger organizations.”

Ooma Office ( offers a set of features curated to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Service plans start at $19.95 a month per user, excluding taxes and fees, with no long-term contract required. Customers have their choice of interface – conventional analog phones, IP phones, virtual service through the Ooma Office desktop and mobile apps, or any combination of the four. Advanced features, such as a virtual receptionist, ring groups, videoconferencing, text messaging, call queueing and multi-site access, combine to make small businesses sound big.

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