Optable and Raptive announce strategic partnership

Empowering Publishers Amidst Industry Shifts and Privacy Regulations to Safeguard User Privacy and Drive Revenue Growth

Optable, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) data management & collaboration platform for the advertising ecosystem, announced its strategic partnership with Raptive, a company dedicated to powering creator independence. As part of this partnership, Raptive is now offering a comprehensive data collaboration solution to its advertising partners. This collaboration signifies a major step toward empowering publishers with comprehensive identity management and data collaboration capabilities, amid emerging privacy regulations and industry shifts such as the deprecation of third-party cookies.

Privacy has been a force of change in the media and advertising ecosystem, and with that change comes great opportunity. Many publishers are changing their strategy and retooling their organizations in order to adapt to this change. Comprehensive identity management and enrichment solutions are key to protecting revenue streams by helping to maintain and grow publishers’ addressable footprint. Additionally, data collaboration has emerged as a way for publishers to increase revenues by working more closely with their advertising partners’ data.

“The shifting web identity landscape poses both a threat and opportunity for media companies, driving the need for innovative solutions,” said Bosko Milekic, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Optable. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering media companies to safely deliver advertisements to consumers amidst these challenges.”

The partnership between Optable and Raptive signifies a paradigm shift in how digital publishers approach monetization, particularly as traditional methods like third-party cookies become obsolete amidst heightened privacy concerns. Raptive, which powers the advertising businesses of over 5,000 websites, has emerged as a pioneer for cookieless advertising solutions, and the partnership with Optable continues in this direction.

“It’s not just about adapting to changing consumer behavior; it’s about fundamentally reimagining how media companies operate in the age of privacy,” said Paul Bannister, Chief Strategy Officer, Raptive. “Our collaboration with Optable represents a key part of our move towards privacy-centric advertising solutions that safeguard user data while enabling continued revenue growth. Marketers can now leverage Raptive’s comprehensive data collaboration solution, directly using their first-party data to reach their audiences across Raptive’s hundreds of millions of monthly users.”

Optable’s identity management provides a foundation for revenue growth in the age of privacy, enabling media companies like Raptive to safely harness, enrich and activate audience data without compromising user privacy. This partnership exemplifies the industry’s collective effort to embrace solutions that protect user privacy and support effective audience engagement in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem.

“Partnering with Raptive goes beyond navigating the changing landscape of digital publishing, and highlights the growing importance to help publishers respond to changes in privacy by building innovative advertising solutions,” concluded Milekic.

As media companies navigate new challenges, partnerships like the one between Optable and Raptive serve as guiding examples toward a future where privacy, profitability, and growth can coexist harmoniously.

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