Orium, commercetools, and Google Cloud release new report


Orium, the leading composable commerce specialist in North America, alongside partners commercetools and Google Cloud, today launched a new report, “From Data to Decisions: Maximizing Retail Potential with AI”. The report examines the crucial role of data in shaping modern commerce experiences, and provides a guide to structuring, using, and making the most of that data in the context of machine learning and generative AI.

Gen AI adoption is surging. A recent Gartner poll of over 1400 executives showed that 55% of organizations are now piloting or in production with gen AI, and a separate study showed that 75% of business executives use gen AI to design, collect, or summarize data. Generative AI is rapidly becoming a necessity for today’s commerce businesses, and this new report provides a practical guide to adoption of the technology.

“The transition from collecting data to activating it via machine learning and generative AI is pivotal,” wrote Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools, in the foreword to the report. “This report highlights how these technologies can enable informed decision-making, streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and help secure a competitive edge.”

This new report builds on the foundational principles of the Composable Commerce Reference Architecture (CCRA), released last year by the three firms. The CCRA is a comprehensive guide to building and maintaining a technology stack with the principles of composability at its core, and this new report builds on the foundations of its predecessor. From Data to Decisions offers a detailed guide for how to use data and artificial intelligence in the composable context for CIOs, technology leaders, and business executives in the retail and commerce sectors.

“We’re at a crucial moment in the development and adoption of AI technologies,” says Jason Cottrell, Chief Executive Officer of Orium. “By setting the right foundations today, commerce businesses secure quick wins now and can make incremental improvements over time as gen AI continues to evolve.”

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