Events, Meetings & Webinars proudly introduces Meeting GenAI

Already a leader among AI Meeting Assistants - Otter has captured over 50 Billion Minutes

Today,, the leading AI-powered meeting assistant that has transcribed over 50 billion minutes, proudly introduces Meeting GenAI, a transformative set of AI tools that unlocks the untapped insights of your company’s meeting history. While other tools such as Microsoft Copilot, Zoom AI Companion, and Google Duet are only beginning to dabble in AI-powered meeting notes, Otter is already seamlessly integrating advanced GenAI across its platform, elevating the role of meeting minutes from passive records to dynamic repositories of collective knowledge and actionable insights.

Key Highlights of Meeting GenAI:

  • Otter AI Chat across all your meetings: Get answers to questions and generate content like emails and status updates using the power of Otter AI Chat which now can access all of your meetings, not just a single meeting.
  • AI Chat in Channels: Chat with Otter AI Chat and team members using the first ever collaborative AI Chat (patent pending) making it easier than ever to keep the team aligned and drive work forward with greater transparency and speed.
  • AI Conversation Summary View: Identify action items with assignments in real time and get a live narrative summary to ensure swift execution and unwavering accountability. No need to read the full transcript, AI now provides the key information in one easy view.

The heart of Meeting GenAI lies in the new multi-conversation capabilities for Otter AI Chat. This innovative feature transcends AI chat focused on individual meetings by allowing users to easily tap into the collective wisdom gleaned from past meetings (no matter which platform those discussions happened) extending beyond the siloed and limiting single meeting offerings of Microsoft CoPilot, Zoom AI Companion, and Google Duet. Now you can ask questions, and Otter will search for answers across all your meetings. Missed the last two weeks? Catch up quickly by asking Otter, “What did I miss in the meetings from the past two weeks?” Through intuitive AI-powered interactions, users can pose questions, generate content, and spark creative ideas, all fueled by the rich insights living in their meeting history.

Furthering collaborative prowess, Meeting GenAI introduces AI-enabled Channels to improve team productivity. The new AI Chat in Channels unites meeting information with async communication for a specific team or project by enabling team members to chat with each other and Otter AI Chat to generate answers and insights from channel discussions related to specific projects or topics. Otter AI Chat in Channels goes beyond OpenAI’s ChatGPT single-user chat by inventing a new, more powerful multi-user generative AI paradigm so that teams can use Otter AI Chat together to answer questions and generate content collaboratively – unlocking a new way for teams to use generative AI together at work.

Meeting GenAI doesn’t stop there. It streamlines workflow with an AI-generated Conversation Summary View. Live action items are automatically identified and tracked, complete with assigned owners and deadlines. A dynamic narrative summary unfolds in real time, providing a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of the meeting. This feature eliminates post-meeting confusion and ensures clear accountability, propelling teams toward swift and decisive action.

“Team-focused Meeting GenAI represents a bold step forward in AI meeting intelligence,” says Sam Liang, co-founder and CEO of “These features transcend AI note-taking and is a new paradigm that will empower Otter to proactively join live human conversations and intelligently chat with multiple human participants in real-time meetings – providing relevant insights, generating content, and identifying next steps to move work forward.” is committed to continuously improving the way we meet and collaborate and is offering all the new AI features in its plans including the free Otter Basic plan and $20/month/user Otter Business plan. In contrast, Microsoft charges $360 annually per user to add its less advanced Copilot to Office 365 and Teams. With Meeting GenAI, the company firmly redefines meeting intelligence, empowering teams to unlock the full potential of their collective wisdom and forge a path toward transformative success.

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