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Parks Associates and Ubiety Technologies to host webinar

Industry Webinar in partnership with Ubiety Technologies Addresses False Alarm Reduction
Parks Associates

Parks Associates and presence detection company Ubiety Technologies will host the webinar AI Moving Security Forward: Solving False Alarms on September 12 at 11:00 AM CT, featuring insights from industry leaders Ubiety, Rapid Response Monitoring, and ADT.

This webinar explores the latest technologies, strategies, and best practices to minimize false alarms, enhance the accuracy of security systems, and improve overall effectiveness. False alarms have long posed real challenges for security system owners, local communities, and responders — Parks Associates research shows that about 50% of system owners say their security system triggers too many false alarms, notifications, or alerts.

Webinar speakers will examine new automated solutions, including AI innovations, to overcome these challenges. In addition, speakers will address the new AVS-01 standard and its implementation:

  • Keith Puckett, Founder and CEO, Ubiety Technologies
  • Morgan Hertel, VP, Technology & Innovation, Rapid Response Monitoring
  • Don Young, EVP and COO, ADT

“Alarms, alerts, and notifications are all of critical importance to anyone using monitored security these days,” said Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates. “As technology advances, the integration of AI is a game changer and enables new context as well as real-time communications that can impact all sorts of things, including the user experience, response times, and the value of the service.”

The webinar provides insight into the changing relationship between consumers and security providers, including the impact of false alerts and alarms, new solutions coming to market, and factors that contribute to false alarms. Parks Associates will present key research and insights from the new white paper Solving False Alarms: Bringing New Context for Monitoring, which highlights the evolution of alarm technologies and the impact of the new Alarm Validation Standard AVS-01.

“The security ecosystem has historically only had access to binary, blind alerts – things like motion sensors, door/window contact sensors, glass break detection, or video camera technology,” said Keith Puckett, CEO, Ubiety. “All of these input methods can be extremely valuable, but often lack crucial context about what is actually happening, and do not generate situational awareness in an automated, scalable manner. For example, video cameras are terrific tools but still often require a human in the loop or heavy video processing algorithms for interpretation – both of which are subject to error and bias. AI allows us to use digital signals with no biological markers for a safer, more innovative solution.”

The complimentary webinar is free to the industry. For data requests or to speak with an analyst, contact Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein at

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