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Phoji, Inc. announces the launch of latest software update

Phoji 3.0 is ideally designed with the scalability to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses Provides customers with sophisticated technology to enhance their digital and mobile marketing communications

Phoji, Inc., a leading developer of customized emojis for digital and mobile marketing communications, announced that it has launched an exciting new and enhanced version of its game-changing customized emoji software to significantly improve the reach and effectiveness of consumer-facing digital marketing campaigns.

Phoji 3.0 provides a self-service Application Programming Interface (API) enabling companies, even those with limited in-house development and coding capability, to realize the benefits of deploying the Phoji® custom emoji. Utilization of a customized emoji increases the engagement, effectiveness and reach of e-commerce marketing campaigns.

“Phoji 3.0 was developed with one goal in mind, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of e-commerce activities that is scalable for businesses of all sizes,” said Jon Christensen, president and chief executive officer. “Businesses simply create a client account to gain instant access to the API documentation needed to create a customized Phoji emoji that will drive business results.

With Phoji 3.0, businesses can upload an image, store it and recall it in any size to utilize in their digital marketing campaigns. Phoji 3.0 utilizes the scalable, serverless technologies in Amazon Web Services, as well as its Content Delivery Network (CDN). This cloud-based delivery service allows the customer to access their photos and media content nearly instantaneously, anywhere in the world.

Phoji also offers a user-friendly website for customers to conduct proof-of-concept trials without having to integrate the software into their existing operating systems.

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