Pipeliner CRM launches enhanced reporting functionality

Latest v5.4 Release Addresses Customer Requests to Enrich In-Platform CRM Reporting

Pipeliner CRM, the leading sales enablement tool and CRM software, announces its v5.4 update with superior reporting features that enhance users’ capacity to track entity changes within a single report rather than through a series of separate reports. The update also introduces a new report type called a Sankey chart, which displays the crossflow of data from one preset value to another.

Reports are one of the core functions of a quality CRM platform as they poll data and compare trends to provide organizations with a snapshot of all sales and customer relations activity, focusing on areas that might require attention and offering brands insight into opportunities to shift strategies to improve performance. The most common types of reports for Pipeliner CRM users are those that track sales trends over time and those that track the activity of Pipeliner users to measure progress and success.

“Reporting is critical to any successful CRM strategy,” says Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner’s CEO. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Pipeliner CRM to ensure we’re offering our customers the most robust, flexible and pertinent features they need to be successful, including delivering the most advanced reporting functionality on the market. Reports are interwoven with every entity in Pipeliner and these new features will help make the experience more seamless than ever.”

Additional enhancements in the v5.4 release include advanced formulas for form fields and report filtering to help users create more complex calculations. New customizations for “card” views in the Pipeliner platform, expanding the options for quickly viewing essential information without opening related records. An improved, more flexible method for inviting new Pipeliner users into the log-in area and follow-up reminder options for the native notes feature. Lastly, the ability to achieve Excel-like results within the Pipeliner CRM platform enables users to work more effectively and eliminates the need to split efforts between two separate systems to achieve the same results.

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