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Pixalate’s vMVPD Q2 2023 Traffic Analysis Reports

Research reveals Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (vMVPD) apps across Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV devices have 2x lower invalid traffic (IVT) rates compared to non-vMVPD apps

Pixalate, the global market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising, today released the Q2 2023 vMVPD Traffic Analysis Reports for Roku, Samsung, and Amazon Fire TV devices. vMVPD (Virtual MultiChannel Video Programming Distributor) applications are designed to bundle TV channels into cost-effective “skinny bundles.” The report examines vMVPD apps – such as Sling TV and XUMO – to surface programmatic advertising-related insights across leading CTV devices, including Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

In order to provide insights for our vMVPD report series – including specific reports for Roku apps, Amazon Fire TV apps, and Samsung Smart TV apps, Pixalate conducted a thorough review of over seven billion global open programmatic advertising transactions across more than 14 thousand CTV Bundle IDs mapped to over six thousand unique CTV apps in the second quarter of 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • vMVPD apps account for 70% of ad spend on CTV devices
    • Ad spend: 80% of global programmatic ad spend go to top vMVPD apps on Samsung TV
      • Top 25 vMVPD apps account for 69% of ad spend on Roku and 63% on Amazon Fire TV
      • Ad spend on top 25 vMVPD apps declined -26% YoY on Amazon Fire TV (-6.7% on Roku)
  • vMVPD apps have a lower rate of Invalid Traffic (IVT) compared to non-vMVPD apps
    • Roku sees 2.3x higher IVT rates on non-vMVPD apps (12.4% vs. 5.6% IVT)
      • Samsung sees 1.5x higher IVT rates on non-vMVPD apps (4.9% vs. 3.3% IVT)
      • Amazon Fire TV non-vMVPD apps have 1.9x higher IVT rates (20.3% vs. 10.5% IVT)
  • Top grossing vMVPD apps by CTV device:
    • Samsung: Hulu, Samsung TV Plus, Sling, Tubi, Philo
    • Roku: Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, Sling, Roku
    • Amazon Fire: Hulu, Pluto, Philo, Tubi, Sling

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