Precision in Measuring CTV, YouTube & TV Amid Walled Garden Challenges


With buyers and planners shifting budgets from Linear TV to thriving CTV, the challenge of deduplicating CTV (including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) and TV metrics becomes apparent. With YouTube dominating CTV ad spending, traditional TV and AV measurement methods grapple with walled-garden complexities, hindering accurate cross-platform data comparisons within the same campaigns. 

Beatgrid provides precise deduplicated reach and frequency measurement, along with brand lift, on a person level, using a deterministic approach to cross-media and ad effectiveness measurement. Allowing media buyers and planners to optimize media investments, understand cross-media metrics, CTV incrementality, and the impact of campaigns. With its unique single-source methodology it empowers marketers to confidently evaluate their campaign impact, aligning with consumer behavior.

Campaign data from over 500 studies revealed insights into the changing viewership patterns of consumers as they move seamlessly between Linear, Digital, CTV, and Online video chasing the best content. The findings proved the key role of YouTube in engaging Gen Zs, the continued significance of Linear TV with older audiences, and the rising importance of CTV (BVOD+AVOD), poised as the new-age Linear TV. 

Impressively, campaigns that seamlessly blended TV and CTV, along with the strategic addition of YouTube, achieved an outstanding 65% incremental reach in the online video platform. This not only effectively captivated younger audiences but also led to a tangible increase in brand lift. This approach also provided a thorough understanding of incremental reach across various demographic segments.

Terrie Brennan, Chief Commercial Officer at Beatgrid adds:Beatgrid’s unique deduplicated Reach & Frequency and Brand Lift approach empowers advertisers and agencies to optimize ad accuracy and budget allocation across industries. Our data reveals YouTube’s exceptional incremental reach among younger audiences in 500+ global campaigns, complementing TV and CTV strengths.”

Daniel Tjondronegoro, CEO of Beatgrid said: “Beatgrid is changing the status quo in advertising measurement by making sustainability a core principle in our mission. Our Single-Source measurement connects advertisers and consumers in a transparent and green advertising ecosystem. Supported by insights from over 500 global campaigns, Beatgrid is not just measuring advertising; it’s inspiring a greener, more accountable future.”

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About Beatgrid

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Beatgrid is a fast-growing advertising measurement company that offers deduplicated true single-source cross-media advertising measurement to global advertisers who want to understand where to save marketing costs and lift ad ROI. Beatgrid’s solutions use advanced passive mobile Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology for panel-based cross-platform measurement, combined with industry-leading geolocation tracking. With +400 campaigns across the US, UK, AU, IN, CA, and DE, Beatgrid has established itself as a validated solution trusted by renowned organizations of the likes of Google, Star India, Unilever, P&G, The Trade Desk, and Virgin.

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