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RadView Software announces WebLOAD 13.0

Revolutionizing Performance and Load Testing with AI Integration

RadView Software Ltd. (OTCMKTS:RDVWF), a global leader in load and performance testing solutions, today announced the release of WebLOAD 13.0, the latest version of its flagship product. The update introduces groundbreaking features such as integration with OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, and text-based load templates to support the most complex web applications with more flexibility and precision.

WebLOAD 13.0 represents a significant step forward in load testing technology, combining the innovative power of AI and user-friendly JSON-based test planning to redefine the way performance testing is conducted and analyzed.

“WebLOAD 13.0 is a leap towards the future of load testing. We’ve integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create an ‘Explainer’ panel that interprets and explains performance data. It brings a new level of understanding to load testing, which was previously unattainable” said Mr. Firas Matar, RadView CEO.

The introduction of WebLOAD 13.0 extends RadView’s commitment to providing advanced load testing solutions that help businesses deliver high-performing web applications to their users. Despite the introduction of these innovative features, WebLOAD continues to offer the most flexible deployment options and the highest level of enterprise support, staying true to RadView’s founding principles.

WebLOAD 13.0 is now available for both SaaS and Self-hosted deployment, with identical functionality across both models, enabling customers to choose the right option for their unique needs.

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