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Reprise to release Flagship Product and GenAI Customization

Only fully integrated demo platform features automated editing experience and limitless customization capabilities with native plugin library

Today, Reprise raises the bar for what is possible in software demos. The leader in interactive demo creation is launching a powerful new editing experience for Reprise Replay™, including a plugin library for enterprise feature customization and generative AI to automatically create demo components.

Demos created with Reprise Replay seamlessly integrate with its other two products, Replicate and Reveal. Combined, the three products enable end-to-end demo creation, from guided product tours at the top of the funnel to customized live sales demos and shareable leave-behinds that accelerate opportunities mid-funnel. Only Reprise has this fully integrated demo platform. The benefits for business teams include accelerated sales cycles, lower customer acquisition costs, and increased efficiency in their go-to-market motions.

The combination of product and platform innovation announced today makes it simpler and 3x faster to create, customize, and share high-performing demos at scale:

  • Complete automation for demo creation: Reprise’s new editor allows teams to craft the most powerful demo with the simplicity and expertise of Reprise at their fingertips.
    • Smart identification of content: Recommend edits, including anonymization for detected PII.
    • Rules-based updating to content: Avoid repetitive configuration work when the product changes. Edits can be applied to all future areas of the demo—saving hours of manual configuration time.
    • Reusable interactive elements: Add dropdowns, navigation menus, and floating chatbots to any part of the demo.
  • Limitless customization capabilities: Reprise’s new editor uses a plugin-based architecture for maximum demo flexibility. This means teams can quickly build and add features that are unique to their desired demo. Reprise customers have already started building out a library of plugins, including:
    • Auto media playback: Enable audio and video playback triggered by events in the demo.
    • Language translation: Automatically localize the screens and guides in a demo in the appropriate language for the viewer.
    • Chatbot simulation: Reproduce the “typewriter” effect of incoming text to animate a pre-prepared demo, simulating an AI chatbot to improve usability.
  • Generative AI demo creation: Sophisticated enterprise software can involve generation of complex content to populate the demo. Reprise’s new editor uses GenAI to assist the demo builder in creating the perfect demo, even if they are starting from a “blank slate” capture of their production environment.
    • Smart guided tours: Use the content of your application to automatically generate guides for the user to walk them through the product.
    • Smart data augmentation: Populate synthetic data for the demo using GenAI, including records, dates, and currency.
  • Enhanced enterprise readiness: New role-based access control (RBAC) capabilities offer a more granular level of security for scaling teams. SEs can create libraries of demos and limit view, share, and edit access by demo, folder, or team. This enables the fast and easy customization of demo assets while also ensuring control across teams.

“We’ve built the most comprehensive demo creation platform on the market, while still keeping usability top of mind,” said Sarah Idriss, VP of product at Reprise. “The new Reprise platform is powerful for solutions engineers, yet simple for AEs or marketers with no coding experience. With these new capabilities, teams can build demos 3x faster. Creators can make simple text edits or changes to new product features in minutes instead of hours, dramatically increasing presales team capacity and the availability of demos throughout the organization.”

Today’s enterprise buyers want a versatile demo platform that supports multiple teams and a range of use cases, rather than point solutions. According to recent research from Gartner’s Distinguished VP Analyst, David Yockleson, “As with any platform or product supporting multiple use cases, the most obvious or critical pain point is the one for which a solution is typically purchased…However, if and when other use cases become targets for implementation, the initial vendor selected should be able to address them. This ‘future-proofing’ is important to consider given our expectation (and experience among clients) of the ability of a product to spread across functions.”

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