Results Digital now serves businesses & individuals in Greater Houston

It specializes in SEO services and Google Ads management to help businesses grow.

Results Digital, a leading SEO agency in Texas, has recently been rebranded, and it now serves businesses and individuals in Greater Houston, Texas. It offers a range of digital marketing services, specializing in two niches: SEO services and Google Ads management. The digital marketing agency has purposely niched down on these two services in particular to offer expert, focused services to local businesses. Before rebranding, the agency offered website design and Facebook ads. However, the team felt that clients would benefit more if it focused on Google.

Results Digital

The SEO agency takes the organic approach for SEO and a paid approach for Google Ads. The Google platform remains the same. The SEO experts at Results Digital have helped several businesses grow using Google. One such client is a roofing contractor who has grown from 6 to 18 crews and had a large buyout recently. The company gives credit to this digital marketing agency that has helped them accomplish their business goals. The agency takes pride in sharing that its attrition rate is less than 5% as an agency.

As an experienced SEO agency specializing in SEO services for businesses, Results Digital brings both worlds of internet marketing and digital marketing together. The SEO experts strive to improve their clients’ organic web traffic to generate high-quality leads and boost conversion rates. They design comprehensive SEO strategy audits to find out what opportunities the website has missed and work on the same. They use effective methods such as extensive keyword research, content writing, link building, local SEO services, and technical SEO. The company has partnered only with select companies from across industries to help maximize lead generation through targeted online marketing.

Results Digital has a team of certified Google Ads specialists and experts who use proven strategies for maximizing the results on Google Search Ads. This way, businesses can leverage their advertising efforts and ad spending. Apart from all the above SEO methods, the agency provides campaign optimization and performance tracking. Its comprehensive range of Google Ads services is designed to maximize the website’s online visibility and drive conversions. Its team of trustworthy experts in Google Ads management stays on top of industry trends and best practices to help clients reach their target audiences effectively and maximize their return on investment. The benefits of Google Ads for small businesses include targeted advertising, cost-effective, immediate results, measurable ROI, flexible budgeting, and local visibility.

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