CMS & Web Experience Management debuts the first event CMS solution

As the 2023 economy continues to put a strain on B2B Marketing teams, the need to consistently drive efficiency hasn’t just become important but essential for achieving growth. Marketing leaders must think about consolidating tools, streamlining processes, and enabling employees to be more effective than ever before. And now with launching their 1-Click CMS Integration, marketers are able to embody greater efficiency and bring more power to their marketing motions.

Sequel’s trailblazing 1-Click CMS Integration feature is leading the efficiency movement by being the first solution to not just enable marketers to host their webinars directly on their website but to automatically create & publish unique event landing pages within their own websites in just one click.

The average marketer spends 6 hours a day on manual, administrative, & operational tasks with 70% reporting that their workload is already at an all-time high. Yet, 91% of marketers believe that marketing automation & tool integrations are instrumental in helping them achieve their objectives. When it comes to events, many B2B marketing teams struggle to publish events, webinars, and webpages quickly due to design and developer bottlenecks. is stripping away these barriers and giving power back to marketers by allowing them to bypass these dependencies and automate the entire landing page publishing process.

“Initially, we would build out our fireside chat landing pages every time. Now, we optimized the process to use Sequel with our Webflow CMS so anyone on our team can just pop in the event information and then they have a fireside chat ready for promotion.” – Michael Cole, VP of Marketing at Everflow, a customer of

By leveraging advanced integrations with Webflow, WordPress, and any other headless CMS tools, Sequel can automatically create, publish, and update event landing pages to owned websites including event embed codes, descriptions, titles, and more. Now Marketers can take back the reins and become more efficient by publishing event web pages with a click of a button.

Oana Manolache, CEO and Co-Founder of, says “Many of our customers and marketers across industries are doubling down on boosting efficiency and consolidating their tech stacks. Yet, most of them struggle to publish a simple event landing page, quickly, without involving other teams or freelancers. Having experienced these obstacles myself throughout my career as a marketer, I knew we needed to create a better solution. I’m delighted to say we are now solving this challenge for our team and other marketing teams looking to propel efficient growth.”

As marketers continue to double down on driving efficiency with limited resources, Sequel positions itself as the optimal full-suite solution for hosting virtual events – without adding more manual work to marketers’ already busy schedules. This impressive technology empowers marketing teams to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency so that they can focus on driving thought leadership, engagement, and conversions through their virtual events.

Sequel’s 1-Click CMS Integration is now available to marketing teams wanting to streamline their virtual event processes & power their demand-generation efforts. Companies can say goodbye to inconvenient manual event tasks and welcome a new age of efficiency-driven marketing.

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