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Shirofune Integrates Google Analytics 4 to its Roster of Features

With this addition, the human intelligence-powered advertising automation platform offers cross-channel optimization

Shirofune, the #1 digital automated advertising management tool in Japan used by leading brands such as Dentsu and Rakuten, is pleased to announce its compatibility with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), in addition to its existing support for Universal Analytics (UA)/legacy Google Analytics.

Starting July 1, 2023 Shirofune will continue to integrate with both UA and GA4, allowing the seamless generation of consolidated reports combining data from both measurement sources.

With the integration of GA4, Shirofune enables cross-channel optimization of advertising campaigns and the creation of consolidated reports. After July 1, 2023, Shirofune will automatically acquire GA4’s conversion measurement data, including historical data, and integrate it with delivery data from various advertising channels. This integration enables automated bid optimization and report generation across multiple channels.

By connecting both UA and GA4, users can easily create seamless reports that incorporate past performance data from UA. This will be particularly useful for analyzing differences in evaluation between media/campaigns due to variations in measurement methods between UA and GA4, as well as for reporting and analysis that span measurement periods in UA and GA4.

Traditionally, it was necessary to create separate reports for UA and GA4 and compare them manually. Now, Shirofune eliminates the need for this manual process by seamlessly connecting both data sources and generating integrated reports. This makes it easier to compare measurement data from the same period in UA and GA4, as well as to compare past performance data from UA with current performance data from GA4.

Key Features of Shirofune’s GA4 Integration:

  • Easy integration of delivery data from various advertising channels through simple property ID input.
  • Automatic attribution of advertising effectiveness measurement parameters for keywords and individual ads by Shirofune.
  • Support for user-defined UTM parameters.
  • Automatic analysis and linking of various configuration patterns, including tracking template settings, custom parameter usage, settings for the final destination URL, and mixed patterns thereof, without the need for manual linking.
  • Integration with Shirofune’s unique reports, such as the causal factor analysis report.

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