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Shopsense AI Activates Retail Ad with Magnite across Paramount Global

Advertisers Can Now Programmatically Reach TV Viewers Who Are Actively Shopping with Their Second Screen
Shopsense AI

Shopsense AI announced today that it is partnering with Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the largest independent sell-side advertising company, to launch programmatic advertising across its retail media platform. TV shows, movies, sports, and live events have inspired shopping journeys for decades. Now, broadcasters leveraging Shopsense’s frictionless second-screen shopping experience will be able to incorporate programmatic advertising from brands looking to connect with consumers right at the point of purchase.

“Building out our retail capabilities with Shopsense was a natural partnership, as we are constantly looking for ways to super serve our viewers and advertisers,” said Leo O’Connor, SVP Advertising at Paramount Global. “We’ve known that our content inspires the shopping journey for our viewers, and it was important to us to simplify the path to purchase by building content curated storefronts. Making our stores accessible programmatically is essential because we always look for ways to simplify buying with us.”

As brand and performance buying teams make strides in becoming more coordinated, they’re looking to their supply partners to construct media plans that address their full funnel. TV broadcasters leveraging Shopsense’s retail media platform are maximizing exposure, consideration, and likelihood to convert for their sponsors by capturing their viewers’ focused attention through both the TV glass and their second-screen. The programmatic availability of retail media storefronts makes it easier for brand and performance buyers to coordinate their planning, activation, and measurement across their preferred DSPs.

“Brands want the opportunity to speak to consumers while they’re shopping in the aisle. Retail media to date has delivered strong performance but comes with frustrating limitations – non-standard formats combined with limited DSP and measurement selection,” said Bryan Quinn, President & Co-Founder of Shopsense AI. “Shopsense flips the script by making it easy for brands to leverage their preferred programmatic advertising playbooks while connecting with consumers alongside their shopping journey. Magnite is the ideal launch partner because their flexible technology and industry leading demand-side partnerships allow us to quickly begin working with advertisers and retail media agencies using their preferred DSPs and measurement providers using IAB-standard display ads and in-store video retail media placements.”

“With U.S. retail media budgets poised to double to more than $100 billion in the next three years, we’re thrilled to partner with Shopsense AI,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite. “The opportunity to bring buyers to the point of sale using our suite of industry-leading targeting and measurement capabilities makes it easy for buyers who have historically struggled with the lack of standards in most retail media opportunities.”

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