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Simpli.fi honored with Multiple Industry Awards

Recognized in the 2023 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, CampaignTech Awards, and by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

Simpli.fi, the Advertising Success Platform providing programmatic advertising and workflow software to agencies, brands, and media companies, today announced several award recognitions. The company was shortlisted for the 2023 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) in the “Most Effective Location Campaign” and “Most Effective Use of Data” categories, named a finalist for the CampaignTech award in the “Digital Advertising/Campaign Tech” category, and received the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP)’s MarCom award.

In the “Most Effective Location Campaign” category of the EMMA, Simpli.fi was recognized for its work with one of the largest HVAC distribution companies in the U.S., which sought to boost brand awareness and maximize foot traffic among a niche audience. In partnership with Simpli.fi, the company deployed a programmatic strategy that resulted in exceeding its click-through rate (CTR) goal and generating hundreds of in-store and digital conversions. In the “Most Effective Use of Data” category, Simpli.fi was recognized for its collaboration with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, which exceeded its goal of increasing web traffic after a three-month campaign.

The CampaignTech award recognized Simpli.fi’s unique and best-in-class political offering, superior customer service, and world-class reporting, which helped advertisers reach more targeted audiences in more meaningful places and at more relevant times. Simpli.fi enhanced its capabilities to deliver more tailored political ads at a critical moment for political advertising. Simpli.fi’s solutions help advertisers match with better targets (the company has a 90%+ match rate compared to the industry average of 40-60%) more quickly and efficiently across media. The company’s offerings extend across a variety of formats, from linear TV to mobile, audio, and more. Additionally, its new ZTV offering helps brands target audiences across the rapidly growing connected TV space. This allows advertisers to identify and target narrow audiences, then use metrics to optimize their campaigns further, and has been highly utilized across political advertising campaigns.

Honoring excellence in marketing and communication, Simpli.fi also received the AMCP award for the unveiling of its new brand identity in April 2023. With this transformation, Simpli.fi expanded beyond a DSP+ solution provider into an Advertising Success Platform, enhancing its commitment to brands and agencies to maximize relevance in what they do, in the connections they make, and in the results they deliver. This new branding also better reflects Simpli.fi’s broader offerings – from a tactical point solution provider to a holistic and strategic platform.

“Simpli.fi strives to provide the best return on investment for its customers and partners, and these awards showcase the effectiveness of our solutions and tools,” said Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman, Chief Marketing Officer at Simpli.fi. “We are honored to be recognized by multiple organizations in the advertising and marketing industry, as these awards highlight our efforts in 2023 to grow and enhance our capabilities to help clients maximize relevance, build better connections, and more effectively serve agencies, brands, and channel partners. In this past year, we announced a major acquisition, experienced a brand transformation, and rolled out key products that advanced our trajectory beyond a DSP to an Advertising Success Platform that better supports and ensures its customer’s success.”

For more information about Simpli.fi’s industry-leading programmatic solutions and advanced attribution capabilities, please visit the website.

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