Adtech Launches TV TV episodes unpack key trends, opportunities, and challenges in marketing, digital, programmatic, creative, connected TV, and more, providing a real-time resource for a rapidly-evolving industry, the advertising success platform for agencies, brands, and media companies, announced today that it has launched TV, a new video series and podcast featuring leaders from across marketing and advertising, allowing them to share their insights, perspectives, and winning strategies in an era of unprecedented change and opportunity.

Hosted by Executive Producer, David McBee, TV offers short-form video interviews with key figures on the front lines of marketing, digital, programmatic, creative, connected TV, and more. With over 30 episodes published, the in-depth interviews are educational and ideal for viewers wishing to learn from thought leaders across the industry. Consumers can also listen to TV episodes on their favorite podcast streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

“I appreciated the opportunity to speak with David on TV. It’s a great platform to discuss the latest trending topics and delve into some of the challenges in Adtech,” said recent interviewee, Charity Huff, CEO of January Springs. “It’s great to learn from other thought leaders in the space to see how their success can translate into my success.”

The launch of TV comes on the heels of’s brand transformation earlier this year, when it showcased its evolution from a DSP+ solution provider into the industry’s leading Advertising Success Platform — built to deliver the most relevant connections for advertisers, and to drive efficiencies across advertising procurement workflows.

“The launch of TV is a perfect reflection of our commitment to empowering brands and agencies to maximize relevance,” said Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman, CMO at “Whether hyper-local campaign targeting, CTV, or the new frontiers of artificial intelligence, TV will provide the industry with a powerful real-time storytelling resource, while helping educate marketers on the latest best practices and innovative approaches to connecting with their customers.”

To learn more about TV, please visit our website.

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