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Snappy Kraken introduced Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign

Nitrogen Risk Number is a powerful lead generator amplified by Snappy Kraken’s automated marketing campaign

Snappy Kraken, the martech innovator serving financial advisors, today announced the introduction of its Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign live from the trade show floor at Nitrogen’s Fearless Investing Summit. This offering harnesses the Nitrogen Risk Number®, equipping financial professionals with the tools to drive traffic to their Risk Assessment Questionnaire, and capture leads through a multi-stage, automated marketing campaign. Seamlessly integrated with Nitrogen’s growth platform, it allows advisors to launch an attention-grabbing automated marketing campaign, effortlessly directing traffic to the Nitrogen Risk Assessment Questionnaire and guiding prospects into a proven portfolio comparison and proposal generation process.

In an industry known for its fragmented marketing efforts and complex tools, the Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign offers a streamlined solution that saves advisors invaluable time. This integrated approach enables financial advisors to efficiently capture leads, engage prospects with personalized email campaigns, and nurture them towards conversion, all through a user-friendly interface. Moreover, the campaign includes a secondary feature empowering advisors to target highly motivated leads, prompting appointment bookings, while automated follow-up communications work seamlessly in the background.

The Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign, powered by Snappy Kraken, offers a comprehensive marketing funnel, accessible to joint Nitrogen growth platform and Snappy Kraken automation clients subscribed to the Grow plan. It includes:

  • A website widget and landing page for lead capture
  • Professional explainer video about what a Risk Number® is to give prospects context and a sense of urgency to take the quiz
  • Automated follow-up emails to nurture leads and keep prospects engaged
  • Advisor notifications with immediate alerts for new opt-ins, enabling advisors to act quickly on potential hot leads
  • A compelling series of promotional emails and social media posts with which to build stronger relationships, increasing trust and conversion rates
  • AI-enabled copywriting and image creation, and a drag-and-drop builder interface for instantly modifying content and layout to fit an advisor’s brand

An added benefit of the upfront lead capture component is that prospects remain in the funnel even if they don’t complete the quiz.

“Financial advisors need prospecting tools that build trust and set them up with qualified leads. With Snappy Kraken capturing the leads, and Nitrogen qualifying them, we have the two most important bases covered.” said Robert Sofia, chief executive officer of Snappy Kraken. “We know that prospects want value early when interacting with advisors. This campaign helps advisors provide that value, while also simplifying their marketing efforts. It’s a win-win for both advisors and their clients.”

Snappy Kraken has maintained an integration with Nitrogen, formerly known as Riskalyze, since 2018, with the collaboration kicking off at the Fearless Investing Summit that year. Together with Nitrogen, Snappy Kraken is elevating the way advisors capture leads and engage with prospects, ultimately turning them into satisfied clients who truly grasp the value brought to their financial journeys.

“The essence of financial advice is a human-to-human conversation around risk vs reward and the advisor’s ability to take action on that conversation in the client’s portfolio,” added Craig Clark, chief marketing officer of Nitrogen. “The Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign allows advisors to harness the powerful time-saving automation and deep lead nurturing capabilities of Snappy Kraken in concert with one of the industry’s highest-converting CTAs, using that risk conversation as a lead generator. This is going to help the advisors we serve together reduce the time and energy spent on marketing while increasing the ROI on their marketing efforts.”

Snappy Kraken’s enhanced marketing funnel, developed in close collaboration with Nitrogen, follows the martech firm’s addition of an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled email builder over the summer.

To celebrate the deepened partnership and more easily enable advisors to take advantage of this integrated solution, both Nitrogen and Snappy Kraken are offering new joint customers two months of marketing automation for $99.

Financial advisors looking to elevate their practice and transform their prospecting approach can explore the Nitrogen Lead Generation Campaign video here.  Demonstrations of this marketing funnel will also be available on site at this year’s Fearless Investing Summit, taking place in Miami from October 2-4.

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