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Snowflake Ventures invests in Metaplane


Metaplane, the leading data observability platform, today announced an investment from Snowflake Ventures, on the heels of a sharp increase in joint customers with Snowflake, strategic product development, and Metaplane’s Series A fundraising announcement just a few months ago led by Felicis Ventures. This brings Metaplane’s total investment to just over $23M raised within the past 2 years, with additional investor participation from Khosla Ventures, Flybridge, Y Combinator, Stage 2 Capital, B37, and SNR.

Metaplane was founded to help save time and preserve trust for data teams. Their data observability platform proactively detects data quality issues before downstream users are impacted. This is accomplished with proprietary ML-based anomaly detection, end-to-end column-level lineage to ease incident management, and tools to help proactively prevent incidents before they occur.

Several of Metaplane’s high-impact product investments were built specifically for joint customers with Snowflake, including:

  • Building deep integrations with high-growth Snowflake features such as Dynamic Tables
  • Being the first data observability tool to build a Snowflake Native App
  • Achieving Premier partnership status after being the first data observability tool to achieve Snowflake’s Technical Validation

The growing list of joint customers includes the fastest-growing startups like Ramp, Klaviyo, and ClickUp as well as leading enterprises like Bose and Sotheby’s. As more users choose the Snowflake Data Cloud for their analytics, ML / AI, and application development, the need to ensure trusted, accurate, high-quality data is higher than ever.

“Like the iPhone, Snowflake is an enabling technology,” says Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane. “While companies have been running SQL scripts to check data quality for decades, Snowflake has made it possible to achieve continuous visibility into the state of your data. They have not only enabled the category of data observability but also have been the central partner in its ongoing development.”

“However, this is only the beginning. As Snowflake continues to push our industry forward across data, apps, and AI, the need for reliable data will only grow. Their investment supports our commitment to developing the best-in-class integration for both the existing Metaplane service and our Snowflake Native App. If Snowflake is the iPhone of data platforms, Metaplane is the AirPods – seamlessly integrated and best when paired together.”

Metaplane’s near-term product roadmap for the Snowflake Data Cloud integration includes support for Snowflake features such as Tasks, Streams, Secure Data Share, Snowpipe, Snowpark, Snowflake Native Apps, Streamlit in Snowflake, and Snowpark Container Services. Together, these integrations empower customers with some of the most critical workloads such as data engineering, collaboration, application development, and AI/ML.

“Snowflake customers continue to expand the possibilities of data by leveraging innovative features in the Data Cloud, such as Snowpark, Dynamic Tables, and the Snowflake Native App Framework,” said Ashwin Kamath, Senior Product Manager, Observability at Snowflake. “We chose to invest in Metaplane because it helps ensure the high-quality data necessary across these initiatives. Outside of the perfect technical fit and strength of their team, joint customer feedback on how Metaplane and Snowflake work together has been resoundingly positive.”

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