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Sparkfly and Olo team up to revolutionize guest engagement

The New Real-Time Engagement Ecosystem is Designed to Increase Guest Acquisition, Engagement, Retention, and Overall Lifetime Value for Enterprise Restaurant Brands

Sparkfly, an award-winning retail technology solutions company, has forged a strategic partnership with Olo (NYSE: OLO), a leading restaurant technology provider, to create the next-generation intelligent guest engagement ecosystem.

With tens of thousands of restaurant locations already supported by Sparkfly and Olo collectively, there are significant expansion opportunities supporting growth and innovation for enterprise restaurant brands.

The real-time, bi-directional integration forms a seamless 360-degree engagement experience that enhances offer management, loyalty experiences, and guest engagement for web, mobile, and in-store orders, replacing legacy all-in-one platforms with two innovative platforms working in unison. Simply put, Sparkfly’s technology improves the personalization and specificity of rewards and limited-time offers for Olo’s brands, leading to a better overall guest experience.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Sparkfly,” said Nolan Decoster, SVP Business Development at Olo. “The integration with Sparkfly’s innovative technology perfectly aligns with our mission to empower brands in delivering personalized experiences for every guest, every time. Together, we’re forging a flexible engagement ecosystem poised to seamlessly accelerate future growth.”

By leveraging Sparkfly’s Offer Management, Loyalty, Digital Wallet, and POS Middleware Platform in collaboration with Olo’s Engage product suite—specifically its Guest Data Platform and Marketing solutions—restaurant brands will receive robust engagement capabilities to increase frequency and spend, providing uniquely tailored experiences to their guests to keep them excited and engaged.

“This partnership represents a significant advancement in the restaurant industry,” said Catherine Tabor, Founder and CEO of Sparkfly. “Bringing our two platforms together creates a dynamic opportunity for brands to step out of old digital experiences and into the future of meaningful guest engagement and loyalty.”

The integration pairs Sparkfly’s ability to issue, validate, and redeem offers and rewards, capture loyalty credentials, apply loyalty rules, and capture detailed transaction data for reporting, insights, and future personalized engagement strategies with Olo’s ability to organize the captured data into guest segments for automated marketing campaigns to drive revenue, acquisition, and retention.

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