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SparkyAI! announced launch

New All-In-One Generative AI Platform Puts the Audience and Campaign Goals First with Seamlessly Integrated Cross-Channel Content Creation

Does creating relevant, strategic marketing content feel like pushing a boulder uphill? We get it. That’s why we created SparkyAI!, the all-in-one AI solution created specifically for marketing teams. SparkyAI! is a content ideation machine; the system was trained on marketing prompts, audience psychographics, and campaign objectives, so all content is created through the marketing lens – just input your brand’s voice, campaign goals, and target personas to instantly create strategic, cross-channel content.

Always On-Brand AI Content Creation Tied to Campaign Objectives

Forget generic AI tools. SparkyAI! was built around the way marketers work, including UNLIMITED brand assets because we know you work with multiple products, brands, and customer segments. Just feed in your personas, products, and campaign objectives into the Brain Bank and SparkyAI!’s advanced algorithm delivers on-brand, human-sounding copy in seconds.

Each output can be customized across all digital channels with the single click of a button! Collaborate as a team within the platform to create completely integrated campaigns with customized content.

AI Trained to View Content Through the Marketing Lens, Including Psychographics

The best part? The content resonates because SparkyAI! has the innate ability to understand context through a marketing lens and what makes your audience tick. Trained on marketing prompts with embedded campaign objectives and built around the marketing workflow, SparkyAI! delivers always on-brand, human-like copy that puts the audience first, using advanced generative AI technology. Now your messages can be hyper-personalized for customers without the grunt work.

“We know most AI tools can be overwhelming for users, so we’ve built-in the marketing prompts so you don’t have to think through how to engineer the ask. Instead, you get on-brand content in just a few clicks,” says Ted Tagalakis, Founder and CEO of SparkyAI! “As an agency owner myself, I know marketers work with multiple products targeting a variety of audiences. We built SparkyAI! to help them do more with less through unlimited brand voices, personas, products, and creative briefs that can be applied to nearly any type of marketing content. All SparkyAI! content can be unified across digital campaigns, ensuring consistent, compelling, and customized messaging.”

What SparkyAI! Is

SparkyAI! is an all-in-one platform that features a suite of AI-powered tools designed to boost marketing productivity across the entire customer journey – from ideation to activation. The platform includes an unlimited bank of products, customer personas, creative briefs, and brand voices for personalized omnichannel content. Key capabilities include:

  • Automated ideation and messaging. Quickly generate on-brand ideas and campaigns powered by SparkyAI!’s pre-trained marketing knowledge.
  • AI content creation. Produce high-quality, always on-brand blogs/articles, social media posts, email campaigns, video/podcast scripts, Google and eCommerce Ads, and more in seconds.
  • Team collaboration. Share ideas, content, and workflows to align dispersed marketing teams and provide feedback easily within the platform.
  • Omnichannel distribution. Create once, distribute everywhere. Send personalized content to the right audiences across the right channels.

What SparkyAI! Does:

SparkyAI! goes beyond generic content creation to generate strategic ideas connected to a brand’s overall positioning and objectives. The platform was designed to deliver human-sounding AI copy tailored to multiple products, brand voices and audience personas for maximum relevance. Once created, the content can then be seamlessly integrated across all channels to ensure consistent and customized campaigns.

How SparkyAI! Works

SparkyAI! utilizes algorithms trained specifically on marketing-related data fields so users can provide simple prompts to kickoff relevant ideas. Ingrained with elements like audience insight and campaign goals, the AI models power on-brand, cross-channel content generation. This innovative approach puts additional strategy, relevance, and customization into the mix compared to traditional generative systems. SparkyAI! also offers turnkey cross-campaign templates spanning ideation to execution to provide complete AI-powered solutions that enable marketers to do more in less time.

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