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SpendEdge helped Tire Company with Supply Chain Management


pendEdge, a global leader in procurement market intelligence space recently engaged with a tire company to overcome risks associated with the supply chain.

to achieve complete visibility of its supply chain activities in order to anticipate and resolve potential risks before they arise. Additionally, they sought to alleviate the impact of rising energy and raw material costs and decrease inflationary pressures. The company also aimed to transition to sustainable sourcing through the identification of sustainable vendors.

Game-Changing Solutions:

After understanding the extent of the client’s challenges, the SpendEdge team of procurement experts decided to carefully study the intricacies of each requirement carefully and create bespoke solution to suit the scope of the client’s business model.

SpendEdge expertise enabled a 360-degree view of the supply chain activities of the company, and the client was able to anticipate risks and resolve them before they caused any harm to the operations. Their supplier sustainability analysis provided the company with the best suppliers in the market who comply with their sustainability goals. The cost model assisted the client in forecasting the effects of price fluctuations beforehand and enabled them to effectively negotiate with potential suppliers.

The client was incredibly pleased with the results of recommendations as they were able to reduce risks and maintain a smoothly functioning supply chain.

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