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Stackline announces Shopper Analytics

Brands can now see quantitative metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, Brand Retention Rate, and Market share across all platforms and retailers

Stackline, the leader in full-funnel connected commerce, is excited to announce the launch of Shopper Analytics. This cutting-edge platform enables brands and manufacturers to see the entire shopper journey through unprecedented insights covering all online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Built on unique first-party datasets, Shopper Analytics introduces a new set of quantitative consumer and brand metrics, delivering light to historically dark funnels.

Metrics like Customer Lifetime Value and Brand Retention Rate are now easily presented for businesses to benchmark and act on. Other metrics are entirely new to the industry. Churn switch rate, when a customer churns from a particular brand, answers which brands (and at what rate) do they switch? Share of wallet identifies how much category spend a brand is obtaining vs. competitors. Each datapoint is available down to the retailer level – digital, brick-and-mortar, or both.

As the leader in market intelligence for connected commerce, Stackline has brought that same ingenuity to Shopper Analytics. Brands can now understand their market share across digital and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Michael Lagoni, Founder and CEO of Stackline, explains: “Beyond delivering game-changing insights, we are eliminating historical blind spots in the shopper journey. These new insights enable brands to develop deeper connections with their customers. Shopper OS empowers brand leaders to understand and cater to shoppers through customized interactions, building trust in their brand and ultimately driving repeat purchases.”

Stackline Shopper Analytics also serves as the foundation of a cohesive go-to-market strategy that connects brands with shoppers across various retailers and channels. Brands can easily track revenue across channels, analyze customer demographics, measure the impact of each campaign on individual customers, and much more. From the initial interaction with a Google media campaign to the final purchase within the Shopper OS multi-retailer buy box, brands can evaluate every touchpoint throughout the shopper journey to uncover growth opportunities.

In addition to analysis, Stackline empowers users to activate these insights within the Shopper OS platform, notably through primary consumer research. Brands can leverage the data to identify and build a target audience, as well as generate and send customized surveys to gather immediate, first-hand feedback for future improvements to their buying journey. Shopper Analytics integrates zero-party data into each customer’s first-party profile.

Lagoni provides context on what drove the development of Stackline’s Shopper journey analytics: “We believe that great shopper experiences begin with great data. Our team dedicated three years to building an analytics technology that ensures leaders have access to the critical insights they need to grow in today’s ever-complex landscape.”

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