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Steel Perlot, Chaired by Eric Schmidt, joins VersusGame BOD

The Steel Perlot team, led by CEO and founder Michelle Ritter and Chairman Eric Schmidt, will provide expertise in AI and platform technology to support Versus as it continues to develop its proprietary AI-powered interactive content platform.

VersusGame, the AI-powered interactive content company, announced that Steel Perlot, chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, now has a seat on its board of directors. This announcement comes at an exciting time for Versus as the company accelerates interactive content to deepen bonds with fans using its proprietary AI engine that drives engagement, retention, and incremental revenue for sports, entertainment, news, search, and social partners. The board is growing with amazing people and joins the Versus team with industry experts, including Jeffrey Katzenberg, Reid Hoffman, Mark Pincus, Kevin Mayer, and Mark Burnett.

Ritter and Schmidt work to promote social good, support innovation, and coach the next generation of exceptional people to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. The dream team will provide a beneficial perspective for Versus as the company advances its proprietary AI engine with the vision to scale its offerings.

“We’re excited to support the VersusGame team as they continue to innovate around interactive content powered by AI,” said Ritter. “This is an exciting time for Versus, as it continues to grow and transform the world of content as we know it.”

“Expanding our board of directors is a key step on the path to advancing the vision for Versus as the company transforms the way audiences interact and engage with content. As our platform and AI evolve, their experience, skills, and insights in the AI space will be a guiding light for us as we grow,” said VersusGame founder and CEO John Vitti.

Versus’s interactive content has caught the attention of leaders in sports, entertainment, and technology, including Microsoft, USA Today, the NFL, Billboard, Forbes, Grammy Awards, UFC, iHeartRadio, Lionsgate, and more. With this addition to the board, Versus will continue to advance its interactive content to connect brands and audiences.

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