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STELLA AI announced Integration with myKaarma


STELLA Automotive AI has completed an intelligent read-write integration with myKaarma that allows STELLA to operate seamlessly within the dealership’s fixed ops platform. Stella manages data input and operational processes just like a seasoned service advisor utilizing conversational AI. This empowers dealerships with the myKaarma product to provide an elevated level of customer service and operational efficiency, benefitting both customers and dealers alike.

Rich Sands, CEO of STELLA Automotive AI, shared his enthusiasm for the integration: “We are incredibly proud of the collaboration between our two companies.  Working with myKaarma has been a great experience, and we have accomplished AI capabilities that make STELLA perform in a context-aware fashion.  The customer experience is smart, and dealers can configure the product to best meet their needs.”

“This integration leverages myKaarma’s advanced appointment booking features, managing customer maintenance and repair services, advisor scheduling, transportation options, and other crucial aspects of the booking process,” said Ujj Nath, CEO of myKaarma.  “STELLA’s AI-powered digital voice assistant addresses a fundamental challenge faced by dealers – the phone.  This integration is one more way we are providing exceptional interactions and added value to both dealers and customers alike.”

STELLA Service Booking, an AI Digital Voice Assistant (DVA), promptly answers every inbound call on the first ring, 24/7, completely eliminating hold times.  This streamlined approach empowers customers to conveniently schedule appointments, reducing the booking process to under two minutes.  Dealerships now possess essential tools to streamline communication, enhance customer service, and optimize operational efficiency, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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