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STELLA Automotive AI unveils Groundbreaking STELLA Reception


STELLA Automotive AI is thrilled to announce the launch of STELLA Reception, the first ever conversational AI to answer the telephone. STELLA Reception engages with customers just like a live receptionist does. Using natural language, STELLA, an AI-powered digital voice assistant provides personalized interactions for customers in the automotive sector.

“Stella answers the phone and simply asks: ‘How can I help you?’. Dealers no longer have to represent their brand with a tired, push-button answering system.” said Rich Sands, CEO of STELLA Automotive AI.

Dealers can rely on STELLA Reception to answer calls day and night, 24/7, and consistently represent the dealership and brand by greeting and communicating with customers using dealer-approved language. Furthermore, STELLA is scalable with the capacity to handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring calls never go unanswered.

STELLA understands and assists callers’ needs, provides answers to frequently asked questions, routes calls to the right employees or departments using Natural Language Understanding, and efficiently takes messages for the dealership. By answering calls, triaging, and routing them, STELLA Reception frees up staff to focus on more value-added activities, significantly increasing productivity.

Elevate your dealership today with STELLA Reception, intelligent, game-changing technology. Allow STELLA to enhance your customer engagement, bolster your brand image, and equip your dealership with essential insights and customized control.

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