Storyblocks’ Music Library Is now 100% Exclusive to Platform


Storyblocks, an unlimited, subscription-based stock media platform with video creation and workflow functionality, announces complete exclusivity of its music library. Storyblocks’ music library, which includes songs from Grammy-award-nominated artists, is part of a content library that has grown by 40% over the past 12 months and offers users video, video templates, audio and images totaling more than 2.6 million assets.

By creating a fully exclusive audio library, Storyblocks furthers its commitment to helping leading customers such as Buzzfeed, iHeart Media and the Super Bowl-bound Kansas City Chiefs to create unique and original content with assets that aren’t available anywhere else. That originality is a potent boon to creators in a world of automated copyright claims. In a transparency report published last year, YouTube highlighted that its Content ID tool flagged more than 826 million copyright issues in the second half of 2022 alone. The Storyblocks music library is not registered with multiple sources, therefore, the songs are much less likely to get flagged by copyright tools that can significantly delay the publication of videos.

Saving time for customers is also central to Storyblocks’ mission, which is why its high-quality library remains smaller than competitors who force creators to sift through hundreds of millions of assets — many of which are never downloaded. Storyblocks refreshes its content library daily to remove lower-performing assets, making searching for desired items much faster and easier. In 2023, the organization removed nearly 200,000 assets from the library to ensure customers could find what they were looking for more easily and quickly.

Storyblocks also knows that stock media is a two-way street that requires strong artist relationships as much as it does strong customer relationships. The organization continues to make artist earnings central to its mission of helping content creators create powerful works. Storyblocks partners with a global community of artists to create images, music and videos for the library based on customer demand and needs. Because of Storyblocks’ dedication to providing original, high-quality assets, only 3% of artists who apply to the contributor community are accepted. As the pioneer of the unlimited download model, Storyblocks created a unique revenue-sharing model that ensures its exclusive network of artists receives a steady stream of royalties that grow along with Storyblocks’ customer base.

“By investing in a music library that is 100% exclusive, we are providing remarkable value to both the artists we work with and the customers who use our platform,” said CEO TJ Leonard. “Our customers will have more unique music available to them in an easy-to-navigate library while we can guarantee our artists get properly compensated for their original works. This is a big win for our industry, and we are grateful to all the artists who continue to trust us with their creativity.”

These efforts toward exclusively available, high-quality content reflect Storyblocks’ mission to improve diversity in stock media as well. Since launching its Re:Stock initiative in 2020, Storyblocks has consistently worked with artists from diverse backgrounds. As of now, 57% of Storyblocks’ audio artists identify as BIPOC, while 30% identify as female and/or LGTBQIA+.

“Storyblocks helps us capture the right mood for our videos by providing a wide variety of genres within their music library. Our videos are more engaging as a result, and reflect the diversity of our community, which is core to our mission,” said Ray Leyva, video specialist at Norman Regional Health System.

This announcement comes on the heels of Storyblocks adding DaVinci Resolve templates to its media library, allowing users to take advantage of the platform’s robust library of stock media while easily adding visual effects, animated sequences and motion graphics to their videos.

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