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System1 announces strategic partnership with Ecosia


System1, Inc. (NYSE: SST), an omnichannel customer acquisition marketing platform, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership to power search results for Ecosia, a green search engine that reinvests 100% of net profits into climate action initiatives.

The new deal with Ecosia highlights System1’s reputation as a trusted source of syndicated search solutions for leading search engines.

“We’re excited about the possibilities that this partnership with Ecosia brings,” said Kerstin Gibson, Senior Vice President Strategic Partnerships, System1. “System1’s extensive experience in powering search results positions us well to contribute to Ecosia’s search ecosystem and serve its large global user base effectively and efficiently.”

Teams from System1 and Ecosia have worked in close collaboration on an implementation plan that aligns with the green search engine’s commitment to a quality search experience, which ultimately benefits tree-planting projects around the world and other green initiatives.

“New partnerships will help Ecosia deliver a better search experience, enter new markets, and with the additional freedom we can build a better product to have an even bigger positive impact on the climate,” said Christian Kroll, CEO of Ecosia. “We are confident in saying that as others in the search space are seeking to survive, we now have more flexibility to thrive into the future.”

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