Tamira Chapman recognized as Minority E-Commerce Firm of the Year

Setting the Pace: Storehouse In A Box, LLC, Captures Esteemed E-Commerce Accolade During National Women's Small Business Month

Tamira Chapman, the visionary founder and president of Storehouse In A Box LLC, recently garnered the notable distinction of Minority E-Commerce Firm of the Year by U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).

From her early forays into the e-commerce arena, Chapman showcased an uncanny business acumen that distinguished her from the crowd. She astutely capitalized on emerging market trends and ingeniously positioned Storehouse In A Box, LLC for unparalleled success. Coupling her remarkable analytical abilities with innovative problem-solving, Storehouse adapted and flourished in the dynamic digital marketplace under Chapman’s guidance.

Rising to global prominence, Storehouse In A Box, LLC was ranked as the 8th fastest-growing woman-owned enterprise in 2022. Chapman’s groundbreaking approach to e-commerce, which resulted in a laudable 98% customer retention rate, also charted a new course for businesses to drive profound societal change. Her leadership enabled the channeling of millions into charitable organizations.

A hallmark of Chapman’s success is her dedication to knowledge acquisition and her embrace of technological advancements. Her proficiency in digital marketing, supply chain optimization, and consumer behavior analysis contributed immeasurably to Storehouse’s ascent. Moreover, her talent in cultivating and steering high-performance teams was vital in the company’s expansion.

Chapman’s commitment to social upliftment went beyond just business, influencing the e-commerce and social media strategies of global giants like Ford Motor Company, all while ensuring brand protection through stringent legal frameworks. Among her many accolades, she has been hailed as EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Midwest, an Enterprising Woman, a WPO, and JP Morgan Woman 2 Watch.

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