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Three industry leaders announced strategic partnership

Meridian Integration

Meridian Integration LLC, DivDat, and Celero Consulting are thrilled to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership to deliver unparalleled services to clients in the utilities sector. This collaboration combines the expertise of three industry leaders to offer comprehensive solutions in Digital Customer Engagement, Payment Processing, IT/OT consulting, and software development for utilities and municipalities.

Meridian Integration LLC, renowned for its commitment to excellence and exceptional service delivery, brings over a decade of experience specializing in IT/OT consulting and software development for utilities. Since its inception in 2008, Meridian Integration LLC has consistently exceeded client expectations, providing tailored solutions for CIS, MDM, AMI implementations, Digital Customer and Agent Experience, and managed support services.

DivDat, founded in 1971 as Diversified Data Processing & Consulting, has built a reputation for innovation and customer-centric solutions. With a culture deeply rooted in the ethos of helping people, DivDat has become synonymous with providing seamless connections between billers and consumers. Over the years, DivDat has expanded its services from print and mail invoicing to include the full range of payment channels across multiple industries, focusing on simplifying payment processes and enhancing customer experiences.

Celero Consulting, a trusted name in the utilities sector, is delighted to partner with Meridian Integration and DivDat. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the industry, as it combines the collective strengths of three leading organizations to deliver cutting-edge solutions and demonstrable value in a dynamic industry driven by technology innovation and customer engagement.

“By joining with Celero Consulting and DivDat, we are poised to redefine the landscape of utility services,” said David E. Fay III CCO at Meridian Integration LLC. “Together, we will continue to uphold our shared values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, setting new standards of performance in the industry.”

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents,” commented Allen Bishop, Partner at Celero Consulting. “Our collective expertise will enable us to address the evolving needs of utilities and municipalities, providing them with tailored solutions that drive efficiency and enhance user experiences.”

“At DivDat, we are proud to align ourselves with partners who share our commitment to helping people and driving positive change,” stated Jason Bierkle, CEO at DivDat. “This partnership underscores our dedication to facilitating seamless connections between billers and consumers, ultimately streamlining payment processes and enhancing financial outcomes.”

The strategic partnership between Meridian Integration LLC, DivDat, and Celero Consulting signifies a new era of collaboration and innovation in the utilities sector. These industry leaders are poised to deliver transformative solutions that empower utilities and municipalities to thrive in an increasingly dynamic landscape.

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