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TIFIN AMP’s fused technologies transform Asset Management Distribution

The combined technology unifies and enriches firm data sources and generates real-time, predictive insights to increase client engagement and drive sales conversion rates.

TIFIN AMP, the cutting-edge AI platform modernizing Asset Management distribution, has expanded its capabilities to optimize data integration and distribution intelligence for US Intermediary sales with its Data Fabric and Intelligence Cloud integration.

The struggles of Asset Management Distribution teams to unify first- and third-party data to prioritize and drive distribution intelligence and engagement have been a multi-decade drag on productivity and efficiency. The core issue lies in the difficulty in effectively integrating and enriching data despite the significant and growing investment into a proliferating universe of data sources. Despite having access to vast amounts of data from wealth firms, service providers, and data vendors, asset management teams have struggled to capitalize on this information to maximize distribution due to insufficient unification and enrichment of this data across diverse sources.

AMP’s Data Fabric unifies and enriches these data sources to better position Asset Managers to capitalize on AMP’s AI-powered Intelligence Cloud, which generates real-time, predictive and prescriptive insights to increase client engagement and drive sales conversion rates.

“Our innovative approach tackles the decades-old challenge confronted by Heads of Distribution, Business Intelligence and Sales Enablement teams at Asset Management firms, providing an industry-specific platform with an integrated Data Fabric that powers our unique Intelligence Cloud,” says Sal Gagliano, CEO, TIFIN AMP. “In the world of Asset Management Distribution, where challenges with data integration persist, TIFIN AMP stands out by introducing a tailored solution that can ingest and rationalize a variety of data to allow for the generation of AI-powered, advisor-level signals – all at scale – ultimately increasing sales conversion rates.”

Charlie Shaffer, President and CRO, TIFIN AMP, highlights the significance of TIFIN AMP’s unique approach, stating, “Having run global distribution teams for over 20 years, I have experienced first-hand the challenges for the industry and the transformative power of TIFIN AMP’s solution. The CRM, digital marketing, and social media eras have generated tremendous amounts of first-party engagement data, and wealth management firms are providing record amounts of third-party data on their advisors and platforms to help guide asset managers. The challenge is that Asset Managers have no reliable, domain-specific solution to integrate and transform the data into intelligence and direction. TIFIN AMP’s solution solves that problem with speed, impact and a clear ROI.”

“As Chief Product Officer, I am proud to be part of a team that has developed a solution specifically designed to enhance US Intermediary Distribution through AI,” states Nikhil Nawathe, CPO, TIFIN AMP. “Our Data Fabric and Intelligence Cloud allows us to apply algorithms in alignment with an Asset Manager’s business objectives in a transparent manner. Our “Glass Box” approach demystifies otherwise opaque machine learning techniques and helps salespeople understand the ‘why’ behind the intelligence – whether it be to drive sales of new fund products or improve retention.”

AMP’s Data Fabric and Intelligence Cloud platform is live in production and is being deployed across existing and new clients.

To learn more about TIFIN AMP and its revolutionary platform for asset management distribution, visit www.tifin.com/amp or contact us directly at partnerships@tifin.com.

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