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Today’s Top 25 Most Influential Email Marketers


Who’s coming and going and what’s trending in email marketing can be fluid. Taking a closer look at the influencer landscape, GetResponse has compiled the following list of today’s top 25 most influential people in email marketing. The list includes leaders and innovators representing brands, agencies, media, consultants, and analysts. Inclusion in the list is based on the influencer’s ability to engage the marketing community online and in person, advance the practice of email marketing, and commitment to advocacy, regulatory compliance, and best practices in digital marketing.

The Top 25 Influencers in Email Marketing today are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Chris Arrendale: @arrendale. President of Inbox Pros who’s passionate about email deliverability.
  2. Kristin Bond: @EmailSnarketing. Director of Email Operations at Girl Scouts USA where she’s on a mission to rid the inboxes of the world of bad email – and she’s succeeding.
  3. Dave Chaffrey: @DaveChaffrey is editor of @SmartInsights and author of “Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice.”
  4. David Daniels, The Relevancy Group @emailDaniels. The CEO of @Relevancy Group and publisher of @TQM Magazine is practically synonymous with email marketing success.
  5. Noah Elkin: @noahelkin. The Gartner analyst covers multi-channel marketing and is the co-author of the most recent Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Marketing.
  6. Kevin George: @emailmonks Head of Marketing and Branding at Email Monks, the place for outstanding email and landing page designs.
  7. Ann Handley: @annhandley. Head of Content at Marketing Profs and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.
  8. Simms Jenkins: @SimmsJenkins, Founder and CEO of Brightwave, a top email and eCRM agency.
  9. Jeanne Jennings: @jeajen, The go-to email marketing consultant for medium to enterprise businesses.
  10. Justine Jordan: @meladorri VP of marketing at Litmus and noted industry speaker.
  11. Andrew Kordek: @andrewkordek, @trendlinei Co-founder of Trendline Interactive, a full-service email marketing agency.
  12. Keith Kouzmanoff: @emailmp, Maillennium Deliverability expert based on more than 15 years of email marketing experience.
  13. Alice Li: @alicemeichi, Shutterstock. Senior email and web developer at Shutterstock and 2018 recipient of the Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award.
  14. Parry Malm: @ParryMalm, CEO at Phrasee, the AI marketing platform.
  15. Bill McCloskey: @BillMcCloskey. Founder of Only Influencers and the Email Innovators Summit.
  16. Alyssa Nahatis: @anahatis. Email and deliverability expert and Director of Deliverability Americas and Global Services at Adobe.
  17. Kath Pay: @kathpay. Expert email marketing consultant, founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing.
  18. Dela Quist: @DelaQuist, Internationally renowned email marketing thought leader and CEO of
  19. Elliot Ross: @iamelliot, Email marketing strategist, designer and developer and the CEO and co-founder of Taxi for Email.
  20. Karen Talavera: @SyncMarketing. A top email marketing strategist and the president and founder of Synchronicity Marketing.
  21. Chad S. White @chadswhite. Author of Email Marketing Rules and Research Director at Litmus.
  22. Jordie Van Rijn: @jvanrijn, A top email marketing consultant that you can find over at
  23. Mathew Vernhout, @emailkarma. Author, blogger, deliverability expert, digital marketing and privacy advocate and self-described email geek.
  24. DJ Waldow: @DJWaldow, Digital Marketing Consultant and author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email.
  25. Yosef Silver: @ysilver, Marketing consultant, strategist and speaker that takes a holistic approach to integrated digital marketing campaigns.


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    Michal Leszczynski | Content Marketing Manager, GetResponse

    Michal Leszczynski
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