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Tokinomo proudly introduces Visibubble

Elevating Point-of-Sale Marketing: Tokinomo's Visibubble Merges Innovation and Interaction to Transform Retail POSM Displays for in-store Brand Activations

Tokinomo, a leading startup in interactive shelf activations, proudly introduces Visibubble — a cost-effective point-of-sale marketing (POSM) solution. The new in-store advertising solution brings Mobile Messaging to the shelf, increasing shopper engagement. Products and brands can now communicate via text messages with the shoppers directly on their phones.

To integrate Visibubble into upcoming brand activation campaigns, inquiries can be directed to Tokinomo here.

Visibubble‘s Transformative Features:

  • Dynamic Customization: Display branding with adaptable messages and colors. With magnetic covers, changing the messages is a breeze — catering to diverse campaigns and products.
  • QR Code Interaction: Pilot implementations revealed that with Visibubble, the QR codes were scanned 17 times more than in the case of a static QR code. When the Shoppers scan the QR code, they enter a dedicated landing page for the campaign, where the brand starts a conversation with the shoppers, enhancing the brand-customer connection at the purchase point.
  • Shopper Detection Sensor: Activating on shopper proximity ensures advertisements are more interactive and eye-catching, reaching the customers as they shop.
  • Engaging Notification Sounds: Crafted to captivate, these sounds mirror mobile app notifications, amplifying product prominence.
  • Battery-Powered Versatility: Unrestricted by cords, Visibubble can grace any store location, with unparalleled flexibility in any environment.

Ionut Vlad, Tokinomo’s CEO, shared his enthusiasm, “Visibubble isn’t just a product; it’s a vision of reimagined in-store marketing. It symbolizes Tokinomo’s commitment to cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions that genuinely resonate with shoppers. As we venture into this new chapter, we’re eager to witness the transformative effects Visibubble will usher in for our partners and their customers.”

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