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TPS Software Integrates PowerBI for Cloud Axis Accounting Solutions

TPS Software

TPS Software, a leading accounting practice management software provider, has announced the release of new features to the already robust integrated PowerBI suite of charts and graphs. These new functionalities, available now, are designed to improve client experience and adapt to the changing needs of accounting professionals.

The integration of PowerBI with TPS Software’s practice management system will help accountants access real-time data and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide better service to their clients. PowerBI is a user-friendly business intelligence interface that helps accountants to gather, manage, and analyze data from different sources. “We’re excited to announce a more in-depth set of features to the existing integration of PowerBI with our practice management software,” said Ted Shandro, President of TPS Software. “In changing business landscapes, PowerBI and TPS use real-time data to help accountants respond quickly.”

The new features are available to all current clients of TPS Software on their Cloud Axis Ultimate subscription plan within the Analytics section.

The integration can improve accounting practices in several ways:

  • Accounts Receivable Dashboard: PowerBI can provide a one-stop report that tracks key accounts receivable (AR) metrics such as overdue receivables, cash on hand, days of sales outstanding, and age of receivable. This allows accountants to make more informed decisions about how to reduce AR days and grow revenue faster.
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): Using a dynamic filtering matrix, the user can easily define employees’ work efforts by client, type of work, location, date, grouping, or office.
  • Eliminate Costly Mistakes: By centralizing practice management, billing, invoicing, and client management, TPS software can help eliminate costly mistakes and strengthen client relationships.
  • Maximize Profit Potential: TPS software’s practice management software can help accountants maximize their profit potential by providing data and insights that can be used to identify new opportunities for growth. PowerBI can also help identify trends and patterns in financial data that can be used to make more informed decisions about investments.

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