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Tracer announced five senior executive appointments

Industry experts position company to combat brand abuse with AI for unprecedented speed, efficiency and accuracy in preserving enterprise brand equity, loyalty and customer trust

Tracer, the AI leader in online brand protection, announced five senior executive appointments: Alan Spencer as Global Chief Technology Officer, Will Fleury as Vice President of Software Engineering, Mike Monzon as Global Senior Vice President of Marketing, Judi Archbold as Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Taryn Grinsteiner as Global Vice President of Human Resources. The leadership team’s extensive experience in brand protection and AI is expected to accelerate Tracer’s growth and innovation in swiftly and precisely identifying instances of brand misuse across the digital landscape. Tracer’s flagship product, Tracer Protect, is built upon a first-of-its-kind SaaS platform that uses Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) AI — AI with human verification — to continuously trace, analyze and mitigate brand misuse across all corners of the internet with one of the broadest and deepest digital coverage areas of social media, websites, domains, online marketplaces, mobile app stores, paid ads and beyond.

“Brand protection technology is in high demand as bad actors continue to use paid search, social media advertising, GenAI, disinformation, impersonation and social engineering to target businesses and their consumers. We are seeing a shift in the industry where the decades-long tradition of relying on heavy legal and paralegal professionals is no longer sustainable. Businesses need a solution that offers sophisticated AI and other advanced technology supported by a smaller number of specialized industry experts,” said Rick Farnell, CEO of Tracer. “These new appointments elevate a broad combination of seasoned pros with brand risk protection and AI backgrounds to help Tracer address the exploding need for superior external cybersecurity and digital risk protection.”

Alan Spencer Appointed Global Chief Technology Officer

In his role as Global CTO, Alan Spencer will collaborate with Tracer’s leadership team to shape the company’s technology strategy and deepen the market’s understanding of how Tracer delivers its portfolio of patented products and services with AI. Before joining Tracer, Spencer had a successful 25-year career with technology pioneers including MongoDB, C-Bridge Internet Solutions, MobileAware, LeCalya Technologies, Think Big Analytics, Teradata Corporation and Protegrity, as well as enterprises like Dun & Bradstreet and Misys.

“With its advanced AI platform, fine-tuned by deeply experienced industry experts, Tracer has raised the bar significantly for brand owners struggling with traditional brand protection methods,” said Alan Spencer, Global Chief Technology Officer. “By integrating expert judgment at critical decision points, including before enforcement actions are taken, the platform’s AI and machine learning models are constantly refined and tuned for optimal results. I’m eager to further our customers’ trust in Tracer and substantially improve their business outcomes with use of our platform.”

Will Fleury Appointed VP of Software Engineering

Will Fleury brings experience to Tracer from a variety of strategic roles he has held across engineering, data science, product and consulting. With a PhD in Decision Theory, Fleury has been building products and teams in the AI space for many years. He was also responsible for successfully bringing ModelOps to Teradata’s product portfolio. In this new role he will ensure that Tracer’s platform and engineering culture continue to support customer outcomes while accelerating product innovation.

“I believe that demand in the brand protection space is going to surge in the coming years. Bad actors are evolving, and so is the industry that fights back against them,” said Will Fleury, VP of Engineering. “Protecting brands at scale via our Human-in-the-Loop AI and other emerging technologies is the future. I look forward to leading this amazing team to solve the difficult brand protection challenges that lie ahead.”

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