Trex Marketing Group: redefining e-commerce growth strategies

Trex Marketing Group, led by CEO Bennet Stich, reshapes digital marketing by combining innovation, tailored strategies, and a commitment to client satisfaction.
Trex Marketing Group

Trex Marketing Group, a leading total marketing solutions provider, redefines the industry by challenging traditional marketing strategies with its holistic methodology. The innovative company, committed to helping e-commerce ventures thrive and expand in the competitive digital landscape, focuses on brand visibility, customer engagement, and revenue generation.

The inception of Trex Marketing Group is the culmination of the efforts of its founder and CEO, Bennet Jack Stich. Stich’s background as a small business owner since the age of 19 and his experience running family businesses equipped him with a unique entrepreneurial perspective. He has been involved in various business ventures since then, diving into the retail and real estate industries. In 2019, he expanded his horizons and delved into learning the complexities of online marketing.

With the landscape shifting with the onset of the pandemic, Stich sought the opportunity to pivot Trex’s focus exclusively toward helping e-commerce businesses grow. The company’s mission mirrors the vision of its founder—to provide the best marketing solutions to individuals and organizations in today’s era of online marketing. Stich’s eventual partnership with Jesse, a seasoned e-commerce guru from Vancouver, further established Trex’s growth trajectory.

Trex’s collaboration with a Minnesota-grown apparel company, further cemented the business’s visibility in the industry. The first year of their partnership showed impressive growth, increasing the company’s sales from $1 million to $4 million. This successful partnership allowed Trex to expand into email and social media marketing.

Leveraging a holistic approach in growing and scaling e-commerce stores through digital marketing, Trex creates marketing plans tailored to get leads, customers, and sales precisely when needed. The company recognizes that audiences no longer follow a linear path to conversion. Therefore, it delivers full-funnel focus and optimization across platforms like Google and Facebook, ensuring consistent, thumb-stopping messaging to capture audience interest.

With a massive user base of 3.9 billion people worldwide, email marketing has become one of the primary offerings of Trex. Its goal-driven email marketing services are designed to align with business objectives, guaranteeing tangible results. SMS marketing has also been vital for businesses seeking quick and effective communication. With this, the company ensures that SMS marketing campaigns yield high returns on investment (ROI). It is also worth noting that Trex does not underestimate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and incorporates it in its services, elevating websites’ organic visibility to drive online sales. These comprehensive services set Trex Marketing Group apart.

When asked how Trex determines effective strategies for its clients, Stich answered: “We initiate an audit encompassing both a shallow and deep dive. The former provides a 30,000-foot perspective detached from backends. The latter involves immersing ourselves into clients’ backends so we can develop a strategic plan based on the insights we observed.”

Recognizing the intense competitiveness in the e-commerce landscape, Trex, led by Stich’s leadership, shifted from a retainer model to a performance-based one. The latter operates on a pay-per-sale system, helping businesses achieve a 30 percent additional revenue every month. This allows Trex to build trust and long-term partnerships among clients.

Ultimately, Trex Marketing Group positions itself as an industry leader with its holistic approach, tailored strategies, and commitment to fulfilling its mission of helping businesses evolve and grow. It continues to be dedicated to staying ahead of marketing trends to remain agile and adaptive in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

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