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Universal Robots launches ‘ReAutomated’

Universal Robots

In an unpredictable world with market demands continuously evolving, increasing productivity is a key challenge for businesses all over the world and across industries. Luckily there are ways to unlock efficiency gains and become more competitive by turning to automation. Expert guidance from industry specialists, along with insightful customer stories and product demos, can be the turning factor for businesses, both large and small, to boost productivity and thrive in an ever-changing market.

That’s why Universal Robots, the world’s leading collaborative robot (cobot) company, will be hosting three virtual conferences in September and October. Here, businesses will get access to exclusive insights on how automation can improve productivity, giving manufacturers the chance to explore the automation opportunities that will help unlock efficiency gains.

‘ReAutomated: The virtual experience’ events will focus on three applications within industrial automation; welding, machine tending and palletizing. The events will be broadcast live from Universal Robots’ three Centers of Excellence across the globe.

Palletizing: September 28, live from Barcelona, Spain
Machine tending: October 12, live from Munich, Germany
Welding: October 26, live from Novi, Michigan, US

All three events are free to attend and will feature:

– Insightful talks with experts and industry leaders
– Successful customer case stories
– Live demos of the groundbreaking UR20 robots
– Live Q&A sessions with industry experts ready to answer pressing questions

Keith Fox, Global Director for Industry Segments at Universal Robots, says:
“If you are a manufacturing company and you want to raise productivity and stay competitive, automation has become an absolute necessity in today’s market. But a lot of people still have questions on how to get started, and that’s what we’ll be addressing in our upcoming ReAutomated events. No matter if you’re a 5, 50 or 500 people company, these conferences will provide you with the latest knowledge from our industry leading experts, giving you all the best tips to how you can boost your productivity with automation.”

Read more and signup for free here.

Pictures for download can be accessed here.

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