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Vendelux AI Event Analysis Named in Forrester Best Practice Report


Vendelux has been named in the Forrester Best Practice Report “Reimagine B2B Events With AI”. The recent report references 12 vendors offering AI-powered event capabilities.

Vendelux Enables Data-Driven Event Marketing
Events are often the single biggest line item in a B2B marketing budget, yet nearly every aspect of event marketing planning and impact measurement is opaque.

“Ask any B2B CMO how they find and select the events they invest in, how they know who is going to be there, how they coordinate with sales, and what their ROI is. Most often you are led to a manual spreadsheet with incomplete data. It’s shocking that, in an era of data-driven marketing strategies and tech-enabled CMOs, multi-million dollar budget decisions are still being determined via guesswork. Vendelux is the first AI-powered event intelligence platform that enables any enterprise customer to plan, execute, and systematically evaluate their event strategy,” said Alex Reynolds, Vendelux CEO.

Pre-Event Phase Critical for Success
“Event success is largely determined during the pre-event phase,” notes the Forrester report. Marketers must identify the right audience and engage them with customized, engaging communications. Vendelux is positioned to provide data analysis and predictive intelligence capabilities that allow customers to achieve success in the pre-event phase.

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