Verbit released New Generative AI Product Suite


Verbit, a leading provider of voice AI solutions, is proud to announce its new generative AI product suite. Customers will now gain even greater value and insights from their Verbit-produced transcripts.

Verbit’s generative AI offering – “Gen.V” – was developed with the company’s proprietary, advanced technology. It combines highly trained natural language processing, content generation abilities and artificial intelligence to identify the most important elements of a transcript.

“With this new service, we are letting our customers enjoy the benefits of generative AI within their native workflows with prompts that have been tested and are continuously improved by trained engineers,” said David Landsberg, Vice President of Product Management at Verbit. “With Gen.V, we’re bringing generative AI to the customer, they never have to go looking for it.”

Users simply need to click the “Use Gen AI” button that appears with their Verbit transcripts to activate the enhanced features. Gen.V then quickly analyzes the content, extracts key information and provides automatic summarizations, keyword and SEO highlights and headline suggestions with additional action items coming soon.

The new feature is being introduced to Verbit clients in higher education with plans to roll it out to additional sectors later this year.

“It’s our mission to not only provide the best tools for transcription, but also to help our customers extract the full value from their transcripts by harnessing the power of the latest developments in generative AI,” said Michael Rosman, Vice President of Marketing at Verbit. “From a higher-ed perspective, the AI summaries of transcribed lecture materials make it easier for students of all backgrounds, abilities and learning styles to understand their subjects and improve their performance.”

Tom Livne, Verbit’s CEO & Founder, said: “We believe the greatest value is created when services and solutions match customer needs. As such, Verbit is focusing on generative AI and uncovering industry-specific applications in each of our industries. We’re excited that our first product for higher education is now live, and we’re in process of rolling out promising applications in other areas such as using AI to find contradictions in live depositions for the legal sector.”

As an AI company, Verbit continues to use the latest technologies to enhance its transcription and transcription-related services with an eye toward providing new, additional benefits for customers.

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