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Versus announced the next generation of Vivi

Vivi is a proprietary AI platform that automatically transforms passive content from any source into engaging, interactive content in real time

Versus, the leading AI-powered interactive content company, today announced the next generation of its proprietary AI platform, Vivi. As Versus continues to revolutionize the way brands connect with audiences through content, Vivi uses AI to automatically deliver personalized, interactive content in real time, driving higher engagement, retention, and incremental revenue for partners across sports, entertainment, news, search, and social.

Vivi is context-aware, meta-content generative AI, meaning it utilizes deep learning to read and understand content from any source, such as articles, sites, pages, social media, and more. The platform is then able to transform that content from passive to interactive by turning it into an engaging game, assembling images, videos, and synthetic voice-over to generate a challenge that allows audiences to predict an outcome or share an opinion on the subject matter. Gamifying content creates a fun and rewarding experience for audiences, allowing users to accrue points for correct answers, while boosting user retention, loyalty, and monetization for partners.

“The name Vivi means to bring something to life, and that’s exactly what Versus does for content,” said Versus founder and CEO John Vitti. “As we continue to evolve and build upon our interactive content offerings, we’re thrilled to officially unveil the latest advancements to our AI technology, enabling partners to deepen relationships with audiences while simultaneously driving increased revenue.”

The AI constellation powering the Vivi platform consists of several layers of generative AI working in parallel to process a vast array of subjects and content types, from text to image formats. This allows Vivi to not only automatically generate interactive content based on a specific source, but to do so quickly in real time, creating games around the content users are consuming while they’re consuming it.

Versus is already delivering captivating content for leading entertainment, news, sports, search and social providers such as Microsoft, USA Today, the NFL, Billboard, Forbes, the Grammy Awards, UFC, iHeartRadio, and Lionsgate. Versus will remain focused on the ongoing evolution of the Vivi platform, continuing to bridge the gap between how people view and engage with content.

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